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Save money at the arcade by joining the YMCA

I haven’t stopped by the northern YMCA lately, opting to walk through the snow to the apartment’s fitness room rather than drive through the snow to the shiny Y. But I’m tempted to stop by again because they’ve installed a free arcade (for members). There are no tokens or tickets to exchange for cheap prizes, no stuffed teddy bears to win. However, all the games involve physical activity. According to the newsletter “Dancing, boxing, and snowboarding are just a few of the awesome activities that you can do in our new XArkade.”

I just hope there are other adults playing the games, because I would feel a bit odd being the only 28-year-old launching a Dance, Dance Revolution in a room full of teeny-boppers. I’d be so old in comparison I probably wouldn’t recognize any of the music and I might break my hip break dancing. Regardless, I’m happy to see my YMCA creating the video game room, even if they gave it a weird name. (XArkade? Really?) Fitness is best when it’s fun and this […]

Baby it’s cold outside

I got up at seven o’clock this morning, ate my oatmeal, suited up in my running gear, grabbed my gloves and walked out the door to go to my half-marathon training group. I made it literally one step out the door when the frigid 30-degree air hit my face, feeling colder than I remembered 30-degree air being. That’s when I said, “Fuck this shit,” and walked back inside. It’s the end of March and there should not be frost on my car in the morning. There have been enough “PastaQueen battles the elements” entries. It’s about time for a “PastaQueen goes to the YMCA with her shiny new MP3 player” entry.

There is a surprisingly large amount of people at the YMCA on a Saturday morning. I spent most of my life asleep on Saturday mornings, so it’s odd to think there are thousands of people around the world who get up that early on purpose to take part in painful exercise, and that I am now one of them. Today the schedule called for […]

Having fun at the YMCA

I was circling the block around the downtown YMCA last Monday, looking for a parking space that did not exist, when it occurred to me that I was a total dumbass. I was going there to run. Why didn’t I just walk three blocks? It would be a good warm-up and save me the trouble of parallel parking. So I returned to the parking garage at work and lifted my gym bag out of the trunk when I had another realization. I was taking my gym bag to the gym. Woah! That’s probably why it was called a gym bag. I hadn’t had a revelation like this since the time I played tennis in my tennis shoes.

I’d avoided going to the downtown Y in the three weeks since I’d joined because it was c-o-o-o-o-o-ld. (So cold that I shiver even now saying the word c-o-o-o-o-o-ld.) I would only have left my workplace during the day if it was on fire, and at least then the flames could keep me warm. When temperatures finally rose, […]

Spinning and bagels, but not spinning bagels

My YMCA is so shiny. There’s so much stainless steel that I feel like I’ve been dropped into a silverware drawer. There’s even a shiny, silver grill over the free-weights area that seems to serve no other purpose than to be glittery and to trap Frisbees. Joining the Y is the best decision I’ve made all year. While that only includes 22 days so far, I think it’ll be sitting in the top spot for awhile.

Last night I went to my first spinning class. I spun! For almost an hour. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I knew the music the instructor selected would define whether I liked the class or not. I’ve read stories of other bloggers who abandoned classes filled with too much hard rock or disco music. When the opening palpitations of “Baba O’Reilly” by The Who came on, I knew I was in the right place. The instructor had a playlist of mostly rock music and some 90’s music that gave me flashbacks to MTV. I dug it. I also […]

Putting the fun into fitness

I had heard of them before, but I’d never seen one until last night. I didn’t know if they were real, but I can now testify that they exist. Of what do I speak? Overweight aerobics instructors.

It started Sunday night when I finally watched the TurboJam DVDs I checked out from the library. TurboJam is the same thing as TurboKick, a fitness workout developed by Chalene Johnson in 1997 that incorporates kickboxing and dance moves. I took a class last year as part of a community education program, but I haven’t been since because the drive was too far. As I was bobbing around in front of my computer to the DVDs, I realized two things. First, it’s amazing how much more floor space I have around my computer than between my TV and my sofa. Second, exercise used to be so much fun! Fun! That’s what I’ve been missing! Bouncing around on the carpet learning a new routine stimulated my mind and forced me to think and concentrate in a way I haven’t […]

You're browsing the "ymca" archive: 
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