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This is the time of year that move really pays off

I keep both Indianapolis and Chapel Hill as locations on the dashboard of The Weather Channel app on my phone, precisely so I can look at readings like these and cackle loudly to myself:

Chapel Hill: Sunny, 47 degrees

Indianapolis: Light Snow, 23 degrees

Yes, July was so hot my air conditioner couldn’t quite keep up, but it is worth it for warm winter days when I don’t have to wear a hat.

Oh, and the reason I have little red and green stickers by the two buttons at the bottom is because you can’t tell what color each one is unless the light is on behind them. I put them there after I kept hanging up on people when I meant to answer the phone.

Hamster wheel of fortune

I was sitting on the floor last week, my back against the couch, watching the rather disappointing Bionic Woman simply because it was on. I usually sit on my couch, but it’s that time of the year when my cat immediately jumps into any warm spot formerly occupied by my tush if I dare get up to refill my soda, and I’m too wimpy to kick him out. It’s also that time of year when it’s dark when I wake up and dark when I come home. And it was also that time of the month when my hormones check themselves into the looney bin. Whatever it was, I stared at the television set without actually watching it and thought, “I could just never exercise again, right? That’s totally an option.” Some days I just want to sit on the floor eating warm oatmeal and forget I own a treadmill.

The next day I was standing in the kitchen, my back to the stove, washing dishes and watching the news on the portable TV simply because […]

You're browsing the "winter" archive: 
Man looking into telescope

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