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The headache that never went away: Part 1 – My buddy and me

I’ve had the My Buddy jingle stuck in my head lately. It was a catchy song played during an ad for a doll sold in the 1980’s. (As well as the gender opposite toy, Kid Sister.) Thanks to the wonders of YouTube you can watch it here:

The lyrics are:

My buddy (my buddy), my buddy (my buddy),

Wherever I go, he goes

My buddy (my buddy), my buddy (my buddy),

My buddy and me

Only I change the lyrics to:

My headache (my headache), my headache (my headache),

Wherever I go, it goes

My headache (my headache), my headache (my headache),

My headache and me

Remember that headache I had back in March? The one I thought had gone away? Well, it eased up for awhile there, but it never really went away. Which means I’ve been in pain 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ever since February 18th, 2008. (I still have a scar from that monster zit too.) I ran my half-marathon with my headache. I went to my book release party with my headache. I appeared on TV with my […]

Getting off my half-ass

I had to slow down to walk for three minutes at the second mile marker on my three-mile run last Sunday because I was getting tired. “I ran a half-marathon two weeks ago? Seriously?” I asked myself. Good thing we took pictures or else I wouldn’t have believed it.

Lately, a couple of people have asked me how I’ve managed to hold down a full time job, maintain a blog, promote that thing I’m promoting (that you’re probably sick of hearing about), and keep up a diet and fitness regimen. The answer is: not very well! I’ve been spending so much time running around telling people about all the running I’m doing that I haven’t had much time to do all that running I’m telling people I’m doing. Also, during the last month of half-marathon training, I stopped doing Pilates and weight-lifting regularly to find the time to complete those 45-minute training runs during the middle of the week. In the past two weeks, I’ve only gone out to exercise three times, which is totally unacceptable. […]

No gain, no pain

Sometimes I try to write blog entries in advance, in case I get sick or life gets hectic. This doesn’t usually work out because it’s hard to write about your life before it happens. Whenever I have written an entry and held it back, it is usually no longer true or relevant when the time comes to post it. For instance, a week and a half ago I stepped on the scale and it said 186 again. It freaked me out. And I knew there was absolutely no way I’d lose that weight by my weigh-in at the end of the month. So I wrote a big long entry about how I’d gained weight and how this was a normal part of the weight maintenance progress and I wasn’t ignoring it and I’d get on top of things, here’s how etc. etc. I did not take into account my odd ability to gain 6 pounds one week and lose it the next, because I weighed in at 178 on March 1. Go figure. My body […]

If only stress were edible

I’m glad I took a picture of 170.8 because I ain’t nowhere near that number this week. There has been some stress at Casa de Pasta during the past two weeks. It involves things that “Thou Shalt Not Blog About,” so I can’t get into the details. As a result I haven’t read any blogs for two weeks, so hopefully no one has eloped or died or opened a salt water taffy shop without me knowing. However, I can assure you that everything is all right now. In retrospect it’s all worked out for the best too.

Except for the part with the three pints of ice cream.

Don’t worry, I didn’t eat them all in one night. I still have some restraint. But when I stare into the vortex of uncertainty, I like to imagine the swirling vortex is a chocolate marshmallow Pinwheel cookie and then I devour it whole. Twelve times.

I’ve read a lot of blogs over the years and I’ve always felt bad for the bloggers who gain weight when their life takes an […]

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