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Weight: 193 – Pounds left to lose: 33

Ouch! For the record, I did pop into the 180’s for three days at the beginning of the week before heading upwards again. I haven’t been pushing myself much lately as far as exercise is concerned, so I need to kick it up a notch. It’s nice to know that I can do what I’m doing and basically maintain, but I still want to lose more. The kickboxing class in two and half weeks should help with this. I’m also going to start doing weights again, which is something I always knew I should be doing but haven’t. Kind of like how everyone says “The Office” is a funniest show on TV, but I still haven’t watched an episode. Jim, Pam, who? That will probably cause my weight to stay steady or even gain some more when I first start to build muscle, but the long term pay off will be worth it.

Weight: 191 – Pounds left to lose: 31

I little bounce up to 191 this week, but long-time readers will know this is no big deal. If you had a scale that measured finely enough you’d realize that your weight is constantly changing. Your cells are always burning energy, your kidneys filtering out waste, and your body retains different amounts of water on different days. So it’s 191 this week. Who knows what it will be next week?

Also, does anyone know where the treadmill service repair man is? He was supposed to come between 8am-12pm to do the yearly maintenance check on my treadmill. It’s exactly 12:00 as I type this and the only people in my apartment are me, my cat, the spider in the corner, and possibly a critter of some unknown species that I’ve heard crawling in the attic at night. Last night my mother called me to say Sears had called her to confirm the appointment. Considering that she still has the same phone number that we had when we all lived in a house together, I have to […]

Marathon Man

Sometimes I think I’ve become a fitness nut because I never go more than a day without exercising. But then I read about people like this and realize I am only a tiny pistachio in comparison to a Brazil nut. Dean Karnazes recently ran 50 marathons in 50 days in each of the 50 states, and then ran home across the country.

The best part is that on race days he gets to eat about 9000 calories, scarfing down éclairs and scheduling a rendezvous with a pizza delivery man on the race route. If you worked at a pizza place, would you believe that type of order wasn’t a crank call? “Yes, I need an extra-large with the works. Meet me at the corner of 10th and Elm around noonish. I’ll be the sweaty guy in gym shorts blitzing by. Don’t be late!” That sounds about as believable as filling an order for Seymour Butts.

When he gets blisters, he puts superglue on them. My question is, how do you get the superglue off? I’m all for […]

You're browsing the "weigh-in" archive: 
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