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By the way, I’m alive

Both my mother and my father called me over the past two evenings to check that I was still alive and not crushed under a pile of rubble left in the wake of 25 tornadoes that swept through North Carolina this weekend, the most in 27 years. (I think they followed me here from Indiana. Sorry, everyone!) I found their calls reassuring because as a single woman living alone who works from home I sometimes wonder how long it would take for someone to notice that I was dead if I were to choke on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in my living room. I think the answer is less than a week, but by that time any felines in my house would have assured I’d need a closed-casket funeral.

WordPress entries can be scheduled in advance, so my Monday post (which was indeed written and scheduled last week) wasn’t definitive proof that I was still alive, but hopefully this post is. I could take a picture of myself holding today’s paper to visually verify […]

This is the time of year that move really pays off

I keep both Indianapolis and Chapel Hill as locations on the dashboard of The Weather Channel app on my phone, precisely so I can look at readings like these and cackle loudly to myself:

Chapel Hill: Sunny, 47 degrees

Indianapolis: Light Snow, 23 degrees

Yes, July was so hot my air conditioner couldn’t quite keep up, but it is worth it for warm winter days when I don’t have to wear a hat.

Oh, and the reason I have little red and green stickers by the two buttons at the bottom is because you can’t tell what color each one is unless the light is on behind them. I put them there after I kept hanging up on people when I meant to answer the phone.

Emergency alert: Someone please explain this to me

Last night I’m watching TV when Chris Wright breaks in to tell me there is a big red blob heading for Indianapolis. (True, he’s no Dallas Raines, but we make due with what he have here in Indiana.) He’s got the Doppler radar. He’s got the tornado warning graphic in the corner. He’s got little yellow boxes outlining the storm systems. He can zoom in and forecast the path of the storm. He can tell you when it will hit every little city, right down to the minute.

Then suddenly this downspout of weather information is interrupted by:

A big black screen with big white text and an awful bleating sound similar to those vuvuzelas at the World Cup. After a pause, a robotic male voice starts to speak with the broadcast clarity of someone talking on a cell phone in a tunnel. I’ve gone from getting the best weather information 2010 can provide to getting the best weather information 1970 can provide. My question: WHY DO THEY DO THIS?

I understand that the […]

Any time now, Spring…

The baristas at Starbucks and I are of the same mind.

Radio alert – Definitely Not the Opera

It was so windy yesterday, I thought I might see Dorothy and Toto flying around outside my window on their way to Oz. One of the nice things about freelancing is that the most dangerous part of the commute between my bedroom and my office are two cats who try to trip me. Alas, I was out of cat food for one of those cats, so I had to go out into the cold and 30mph winds anyway.

I also had to drive downtown to the public radio station to tape a short interview for this week’s Definitely Not the Opera, a weekly show on Canadian Public Radio. I do not live in Canada, so I hadn’t heard of DNtO before, but I downloaded the podcast beforehand to get a sense of the program and I think I’m going to stay subscribed. Each week they take on a theme and collect stories and interviews with people related to that theme. This week the show is called “Peep Show,” and no, I’m not going to reveal some […]

You're browsing the "weather" archive: 
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