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What’s your vice?

I have an open question for all my readers. Is there anyone out there who does not have a vice? Is there anyone who does not have a habit or addiction that they fall back on when bad shit happens? It seems like everybody’s got something, be it food, alcohol, or overzealous fingernail biting. I’m curious if there’s anyone out there who is miraculously well-adjusted and just does a lot of yoga. If not, what is your vice? Mine’s definitely food. (Like, duh.)

ETA: I’m not talking just about bad habits or things we do that are bad for us, but specifically about behaviors or addictions used to relieve pain or anxiety. I was talking to someone recently who said one of the unspoken rules of Alcoholic’s Anonymous is that to quit drinking you start smoking. So I was wondering, is it inevitable that you are always going to seek out a behavior to relieve pain, or do people ever really get past it? Basically, am I always going to want to eat ice cream when […]

You're browsing the "vice" archive: 
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