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Candy after my own heart

There are heart shaped Junior Mints! (And there’s a blog about candy. Wow!) How did I miss this? Back in my days of bad eating I would frequently stop my grocery cart at the end of the candy aisle and pick up a box of Junior Mints. Then the cashier would set them out for me when she was ringing up my order and I’d stuff them in my purse so I could snack on a few on the way home.

A couple months ago I saw a box of inside-out Junior mints with a mint shell and chocolate filling at a dollar store, but resisted buying a box. If I’d seen a box of these cute heart-shaped delights I might not have been so strong. Food that comes in a cute shape is somehow more irresistible, like pancakes in the shape of stars or tiny gummy bears, as if the food got itself dressed up in its best clothes to attend a party in your stomach.

Upon reflection, I wasn’t tempted by Valentines Day candy at […]

You're browsing the "valentines day" archive: 
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