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Only in California

I limped walked down the boardwalk at Venice Beach, California and passed not one, but two medical marijuana consultation offices.

The second one was next to the Botox on the Beach studio. Tell me, would you get Botox on the beach? How about Botox in the sterile, environmentally controlled doctor’s office?

On my way towards these storefronts, I overheard two people talking about the cost of someone’s nose job. That was when I knew I was in Los Angeles

Vacation hangover

I am back home again in Indiana, but I’m still recovering from my “vacation.” I didn’t check my email for over 24 hours and now I am buried beneath electronic messages. To tide you over while I dig my way out, here are two pics from LA.

I visited the Central Perk set from “Friends” on the WB Studio Tour. The service was really slow though. I’m still waiting for my latte.

I sampled the pumpkin ice cream at the Farmer’s Market and, DAMN, I wish this flavor was sold in stores. It was dee-lish!


Can Carolyn lose 100 lbs. in a year? Find out at 1940sExperiment.com, where one woman is living one year on wartime rations to lose 100 lbs.

Update 11-19-09: Okay, y’all, I have been informed over and over again that pumpkin ice cream is available in stores, and even if it wasn’t, you can make it yourself. Thank you for sharing.

Gone to Hollywood

Hey, everybody! I am still in Los Angeles on the most anxiety-ridden vacation ever. First my bag got lost, now my leg hurts so much I can barely walk, and yesterday my rental car was damaged. Jetta vs. armored truck: armored truck wins. And no, I was not driving the armored truck. At least the driver didn’t think I was trying to rob him. No one was injured and my insurance will cover it, but I will NEVER go back to the Santa Monica Pier again. Oh, and did I mention that I missed the Mulholland Drive exit on the 405 and drove all the way to the north side of the Valley before I figured it out?

But then, when I checked into my hotel that evening, thirsty, hungry, and stressed out, I found this waiting on my pillow and on my desk:

I nearly broke down and cried. Something small and simple like finding a nice little gift in my room at the end of a crazy-ass day did wonders to cheer me up. (Though […]

PastaQueen does Los Angeles

If you read this before the end of the day, I am either airborne or waiting for my layover in Minnesota. (Hello, Minneapolis!) Either way, I’m also praying that my pilots are not drunk or using their laptops in the cockpit. I’m heading to LA for the Nutrilite Blogger Event this weekend, where I’ll learn about their products, meet some athletes, and get a free health assessment which will test my flexibility, bone density, and analyze my body fat. (Eep!) Nutrilite is a manufacturer of vitamins and dietary supplements owned by Amway. I shall report back on my trip next week, and I shall try to do so without sounding like an advertorial.

This event is also an excuse to see LA for the first time, and how could I turn down an opportunity to feel fat and ugly next to all the pretty, plastic people out there? I asked Nutrilite to delay my return ticket by two days, and they were happy to oblige. (Thanks, Lindsay!) So if you see a brunette in a rental […]

Flying kites at Kittyhawk

I couldn’t help but hum Let’s Go Fly a Kite as my brother was running around Kill Devil Hills trying to launch my mother’s rainbow flying machine, complete with streamers. This new theme song was somewhat welcome on our North Carolina vacation last week, because after we’d eaten sandwiches at a place called The Yellow Submarine I’d had that Beatles song stuck in my head. The wind wasn’t that strong, but we were able to make the kite fly for several minutes at a time. Then we hiked up the rest of the BFH (Big F**king Hill), which I thought they were going to have to rename “Kill PastaQueen Hills,” to see the Wright Brothers memorial.

That’s me, hanging out with Orville, while some kid tries to break into the monument in the background. Kill Devil Hills is right next to Kittyhawk where the Wright Brothers discovered motorized flight. Did you know they owned a bike shop? I wonder if they could adjust my brakes for me.

After we got back to Durham, we went to a […]

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