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End-of-the-week odds and ends

Today’s entry is like that meal you make at the end of the week by throwing all the leftovers into a crockpot. I’ve got a few odds and ends I wanted to share, so here they are.

MizFit and The Ellen Show

Mizfit is attempting to get on The Ellen Show, much like Ellen campaigned to get on the cover of Oprah’s magazine. Carla has always been delightful and helpful, so I hope she makes it!

Trapped in the spam filter

I migrated to a different blogging platform a few weeks ago, and I’ve been very happy. However, I noticed that the spam filter trapped at least two legitimate comments in its electronic nets. I only saw them because I happened to be browsing through the spam. If you left a comment that didn’t get posted that wasn’t spam, it might have gotten trapped. I apologize for that! To increase your chances of getting through, be sure to leave a real email address and not a fake one like none@none.com, which might have been the reason it got discarded.

Camera […]

Thank you

Thank you everyone for all your well wishes and support. I appreciate it very much. If good thoughts could cure headaches I would be well by now!

However, I have learned it’s best not to wallow (or to try not to wallow anyway), so I’m going to continue on blogging about other stuff. So, don’t act too weirded out when I start talking about how to set your goal weight and things like that. I could whine about my headache all the time, but that would get old for all of us very quickly.

ETA: Oh, yesterday some people were getting a 500 error after they left a comment. I don’t know for sure why this was happening, but I would guess it was due to high traffic because it is weight loss resolution season. If it happens to you, just hit the “Back” button and try submitting your comment again and it should hopefully work. I will delete any duplicate comments…someday.

My acceptance speech

When I reached my goal weight, I had planned on giving an acceptance speech thanking every person and product that had helped me get to 160 pounds. I imagined it like the Oscars, me stumbling up to the stage stunned and stunning in a size 10 dress, taking the podium and saying, “Thank you, thank you, I wasn’t expecting this at all,” as I whipped out two pages of perfectly typed notes. Then the orchestra leader would set his baton down while the bassoon player went out for a smoke. I’m not sure if I can squeeze into a size 10 dress (possibly, depending on the manufacturer) and I don’t weigh 160 pounds. But since I’ve decided I’m happy with the weight I’m at, this will be an entirely different type of “acceptance” speech and I’m giving it anyway.

Thank you to my mother (and my father) for never fucking me up about my weight. They never put me on a diet, never called me fat, never made me feel self-conscious about my weight, and made […]

Giving thanks for restraint

I was going to make some pumpkin bread to bring to Thanksgiving dinner. I copied the recipe down by hand from my mother’s Betty Crocker cookbook which is baptized in shortening splatters. I was looking forward to ridding myself of the four pounds of pumpkin puree in my freezer. Last week I even checked to make sure I had enough flour in the cupboard.

Then last night I looked at my dirty dishes in the sink and I didn’t want to wash them. And I thought about driving to the grocery on Thanksgiving Eve to buy shortening and shuddered. But mostly I knew that if I baked a loaf of pumpkin bread, I would eat half a loaf of pumpkin bread before Thursday morning. I would tell myself not to. I’d believe that I could restrain myself. But who am I kidding? If I bake a loaf of pumpkin bread I’m going to eat half of it in a day. That’s just who I am.

So I put away the recipe and stuffed the thawed pumpkin back […]

You're browsing the "thanks" archive: 
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