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Twitter: It’s better than cable

Photo by The West End / by NCND 2.0 CC

I had avoided watching the Butler basketball game in the second round of the NCAA tournament because I’ve decided I can’t stand to watch sports games when I actually care about the teams. It makes me anxious. (I can’t watch The Amazing Race either because I get worried that the good people will miss their flights and the bad people will win because this is not scripted and evil sometimes wins.) As I confessed last year, I love the Butler Bulldogs, and I still find comfort in the idea that there is a parallel universe somewhere in which Gordon Hayward’s buzzer beater shot from half-court actually landed in the basket, they won the tournament, and someone is producing a movie about it. And I don’t even care about basketball!

So, there I was avoiding the game, which was easy because it was on cable and I do not have cable. My dad was visiting, so we were watching a game between BYU and Gonzaga, which sounds more […]

I love TV, and I’m not ashamed!

Photo by 7-how-7 / by NCND 2.0 CC

Back in the year 2000, I started watching a TV show called The West Wing and loved it. That was the good. The bad? I started watching from the second season premiere and we had no Hulu, no Netflix, and no BitTorrent for me to watch the first season. It was the dark times, younglings. (We did have IRC sharing channels, newsgroups and FTP queues, but we also had dial-up*. Oh, dial-up.)

So, what was a girl to do? Well, she got on the interwebs and got a fan to send her ten VHS tapes containing copies of copies of the episodes. Shipping cost at least twenty dollars and thirty seconds of one episode was overridden by a California emergency weather alert, but they were watchable and that’s what we had, so we made do.

But now, now we have DVDs and Netflix streaming and life is good! Life is fantastic! Now entire seasons of television shows are available to watch in binge marathons on the weekends. It has transformed […]

The curse of cable television

As some of you already guessed, I moved in with a roommate a few months ago to help cut my rent costs. Sorry, I am not shacking up with a guy, which is too bad because in 16 months my COBRA runs out and I’m gonna’ need some health insurance. If I were smart, I’d start hunting down well-insured grooms right now. Anyway, I agreed to keep my roommate off of the blog as one of the terms of our co-habitation. However, I can talk about indirect events that have happened since we moved in together, in particular the fact that I now have cable television and it is the mental equivalent of eating everything off of that bakery markdown tray. It looks good, but it’s probably not that good for me.

I lived without cable television for…five years? I don’t really remember. It was a long time and particularly unexpected because I grew up on television. In 4th grade, we had to track how much TV we watching in a week, and I was […]

American Gladiators is back: Spandex, trash talk and a lake of fire!

I have joked that I used to spend all day on the couch, but that was an exaggeration. I actually split the time between my couch and my computer chair and I occasionally got up to go the fridge. But Sunday I literally did lay on the couch all day next to Mr. Food Poisoning and a 4 gallon blue bucket and you know what? Sitting in one place all day makes you really sore. My body ached more at the end of the day than it ever has after weight-lifting. Of course, that might have been related to me slipping on black ice outside the laundry room on Saturday because I didn’t know I needed to wear Yaktrax to wash my panties. I spent all Sunday crammed up on a loveseat slightly too small for my full length, watching Kiki’s Delivery Service twice because if I got up to change the DVD, my brain would start sending the message “Barf! Barf!” to my stomach. The only redeeming element of the day came at 9:00pm […]

NOVA Marathon Challenge

As I was watching the NOVA Marathon Challenge last night, which followed twelve regular people on “Team NOVA” training to run the 26 mile Boston Marathon, I came to a shocking realization. I too was once on Team Nova.

Sixth grade. Louisville, Kentucky. Westport Middle School. Each grade was separated into three or four teams of students who had the same teachers. It was a way of dividing up the student body to make them more manageable. Our teams were astronomically themed: 6-1 Nebula, 6-2 Nova, 6-3 Pulsar, and 6-4 Fine Arts and Humanities a.k.a. Snobby Little Bitches who were too good to be named Quasar or Red Dwarf. As you can see I was chubby even back then and had a propensity for correcting our yearbook staff’s typos with a ballpoint pen. I was on 6-2 Nova, but they never made me run a marathon to graduate, thank goodness. I didn’t even have to take PE. Otherwise I might have been a sixth grade drop-out.

They expected at least half of PBS’s Team NOVA to drop […]

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