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Upchuck update

Monday night, my nausea finally went away, either on its own or because I threw everything but the kitchen sink at it. (And if I really thought the kitchen sink would have had an effect, I would have thrown that too.)

The headache clinic I go to has an in-patient program that I haven’t done, but I have heard about. Their approach is to pump you full of lots of different drugs until something breaks your headache. I decided this was a good approach to take for my nausea too, so I took every single over-the-counter remedy I’d heard of for nausea, all at once.

First, I dumped a teaspoon of ginger into my vanilla yogurt and ate it. Then I went to the Kroger pharmacy and bought Nauzene tablets which I ate in the parking lot. When they failed to work in four minutes like the box promised, I started chewing the Spearment gum I’d also bought and drove across the street to CVS where I purchased Dramamine. I tossed that back in the parking lot […]

European travel journal – Day 5: Harrods, Victoria & Albert Museum, Kensington, and afternoon tea

I was crammed up against an Indian man in a business suit and trying not to bump my nose on the hardback novel a woman next to me was reading when I came up with a piece of advice none of the guidebooks mentioned: Do NOT ride the tube at 9:15 in the morning if you can help it.

After my fellow sardines and I arrived at Hyde Park Station, I took a look at the Wellington Arch and Aspley House and then walked towards Harrods. The perfumes, clothes and jewelry were of no interest to me. Instead, I headed straight for the food hall aka the Dionysian feast of abundance

They have practically anything and everything you could ever want to eat and never knew you wanted to, like ostrich eggs.

I got some mint chocolate gelato, and then had to vacate the premises to eat it. I’m not sure if this is because Harrods didn’t want me getting their floors sticky, or if it’s because in Britain they charge you a smidge more if you dine […]


“I need some caffeine,” my brother yawned as he climbed off the freshly purchased air mattress on my apartment floor. He opened my fridge door. He closed my fridge door. He stared at me in horror. “You don’t have sodas?”

“Um, no. Welcome to the crazy house,” I replied. This was coming from the woman who drank five canned diet sodas a day back in February and loved the sweet, fizzy poison. “I don’t think I have any caffeine in the house, except for some old tea bags. Technically the decaffeinated coffee has some caffeine, but you’ll have to drink a lot of it to get a buzz.”

“I can’t believe this,” he said. My poor brother had spent the previous day moving and needed the insane jolt of consciousness to the brain provided by caffeine if he was going to pack up the rest of his kitchen and closets today.

“Sorry,” I said. “I got rid of all the caffeine because of my headache.”

I don’t know whether essentially eliminating caffeine from my diet has helped decrease the […]

Lipton Tea bicycle giveaway

When my older brother was in elementary school, he came home one day and asked my mom for a dollar to buy a raffle ticket. This was the 80’s, so a dollar could buy you at least two gallons of gas back then. It was big money.

“Why do you need it?” she asked.

“I’m going to win a bike!” he told her.

The school was raffling off prizes as part of a fundraiser and my brother had his eye on the shiny, yellow, 10-speed bicycle. My mom gave him a dollar and prepared for the fallout when the young boy had a sudden lesson in probability outside of math class.

The next week he walked home with a shiny, yellow, 10-speed bicycle. Screw you, probability!

When Lipton Tea contacted me asking if I’d like to give away a bike on my web site as part of a promotion for their new Lipton’s White Teas, I thought of my brother and decided, “Yes, I would!” I try not to do too many corporate promotions around here since I consider this […]

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