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Lick the Produce: They come in all sizes

No matter how many animals they categorize into species and phylums and kingdoms, they always seem to be discovering giant squids in the North Pacific or new mammals in Borneo. And no matter how many fruits and vegetables I’ve tried over the past year, I’m always finding new ones that I’ve never heard of.

Seckel pears

Food is so much cuter when it’s miniaturized. That’s why I buy baby carrots instead of their full-sized cousins. When I saw an eight pack of pears each the size of a baby’s fist, I snatched them up. These itty-bitty pears are also known as sugar pears, and after I bit into one it was clear why. They’re very sweet. Their small size makes them great for portion control too. I ate one or two at a time when I just wanted a small snack. I’d buy them again, but I got them at the late, great Sunflower Market, so I’ll have to find another sugar pear dealer before that happens. I’ll comfort myself in the mean time with this site […]

You're browsing the "sugar pear" archive: 
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