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Odds and ends on the weekend

I thought I’d make a rare weekend appearance to announce a few odds and ends.

Subway winners

The winners of the Subway giveaway were Kris from Georgia, Sherri from New Hampshire, and Melinda from Kentucky. They’ve all accepted their prizes and I hope they enjoy the free food.

Guest post

I wrote a guest post on Diets in Review about how to start a healthy living blog for any lurkers or newbies out there.

Mary’s blogging guide

I met Mary from A Merry Life at Fitbloggin’, which was lucky since she’d spent most of the day at the hospital with kidney stones. Mary’s just released an ebook called A Merry Life Guide To Creating A Better Health Blog which is packed full of information on blogging.

PastaQueen meets Jared, The Subway Guy, in a wacky weight-loss crossover!

I woke up at 7:30am last Friday, by choice, and not because I had a flight to catch. What could lure me out of bed at that hour?

Why, it’s Jared the Subway Guy, national sandwich-chain spokesperson and Indianapolis resident! While a photo op with Jared was a good lure, the free breakfast and coffee they served had a strong appeal too. I attended the Subway Fun Run at the Broad Ripple location of the sandwich store last Friday, and as I learned in college, if you feed them, they will come:

Of course, on first try, the photo came out more like this:

Yes, PastaQueen’s crappy camera strikes again. I shouldn’t bitch though. My Canon Powershot had a near-death experience last month when I dropped it on a wooden patio. I thought it was a goner, but after I whacked the lens (almost) back into alignment, I found that I’m able to take photos again (as long as I don’t try to zoom over 3X). Thankfully the PR people at the event had a better camera and […]

You're browsing the "subway" archive: 
Man looking into telescope

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Disclaimer: I am not responsible for keyboards ruined by coffee spit-takes or forehead wrinkles caused by deep thought.

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