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Law of diminishing returns

As far as weight loss is concerned, I feel like I have a job where I’ve been told I have to work longer hours for half the pay. Back in the beginning, I could do some walking and eat pretty well and lose 2 or 3 pounds a week. Now I have to run several days a week, do my Pilates, and watch what I eat carefully in the hopes of losing a pound or half a pound a week. It doesn’t seem fair. I’ve entered a phase of where I have to work harder for less results.

The motivations are slightly less too since my weight loss from here on out is mostly for vanity and not health. I’m sure there will be some health benefits from losing the final 30 pounds, but I’m not concerned about suffocating in the night from sleep apnea anymore. I’m not worried that death’s carriage is going to make a stop by my apartment door like an Emily Dickenson poem.

Don’t worry, I’m still going to work towards goal. It’s […]

Good things about having been morbidly obese

I would never have consciously chosen to become morbidly obese, just as I would never fling myself into the path of a speeding Volkswagon or inject myself with malignant cancer cells. We don’t get to chose the hardships life sets in our path, yet there is a lot be learned from surviving them. In my case, it’s given me a great sense of perspective.

After I lost about 100 pounds, I was still 100 pounds away from my goal and still very much obese. Yet I felt like a superstar in the movie of my life. Ironic, since the last time I weighed that much I’d wanted to toss paint on all the mirrors of the world. Now I would check myself out in the mirror in the ladies room, turn to the left, turn to the right, strike a pose and think “I look so cute!” The last time I weighed that much I’d speedwalk past mirrors like The Flash and think “I’m so fat!” Same size, different attitude. I’d lost 100 pounds, I deserved […]

You're browsing the "struggles" archive: 
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