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What name can be spelled only one way?

This is not a riddle. Well, I suppose it could be a riddle, but I’m asking it as an honest question. What name can be spelled only one way? I need to know because of Starbucks. Yes, Starbucks.

I circulate among several coffee shops in the Chapel Hill area to do my freelance work because I don’t want to get sick of any one place or any one background soundtrack. I sometimes visit the Starbucks and they always ask your name so they can write it on your cup in thick black permanent marker. One of the few constants in my thirty-plus years on this Earth is that no one ever knows how to spell my name. I like my name, (great job Mom and Dad!) but I spell it a bit oddly (not so great job, Mom and Dad!). Misspellings used to annoy me all through high school, but by the time I reached college I either chilled out about it or admitted defeat and let it go. My linguistics teacher always said spelling doesn’t […]

Any time now, Spring…

The baristas at Starbucks and I are of the same mind.

Where to work?

My home office is a lovely place to work, with far more natural sunlight than my old office, but sometimes I like to get out of my apartment for reasons that do not involve imminent starvation. I have been testing some places around town, and my only real necessity is that they offer free wi-fi. Here is the rundown.

The Library

PROS: The downtown Indianapolis Library is beautiful, sunny and doing much better ever since they fixed those silly foundation problems. There is even a café on the first floor where you can buy sodas and yogurt parfaits and more. The tables lining the windows have outlets for my laptop and there are shades that automatically lower or rise depending on how sunny it is.

CONS: The downtown Indianapolis Library is also popular amongst homeless people and vagrants who have nothing else to do but roam the building. It’s also not as quiet as you’d think. Yesterday a woman had a 10-minute long cell phone conversation at the table behind me. Parking is also difficult to find because […]

Starbucks winners, thanks and a word about ownership

Congrats to Dyan and Karen in Tally who were the winners of the Starbucks Gold Card giveaway! I am going to hold you to your promise, so Karen’s husband and that guy in line behind Dyan at the unemployment office had better get their 10% off a coffee. Or else…um, you’ll feel really bad for lying, won’t you?

Also, thanks to everyone who left feedback on yesterday’s entry. It was…interesting (just as I predicted). Looks like I drove off some people who probably shouldn’t have been hanging around here anyway. It’s good to shake down the blog every once in a while. It keeps the site minty fresh. And everyone who said “Oh, no, just say whatever you want to! It’s your blog!” after my defensive blogging post might now have a little insight as to why I laughed my ass off after reading that advice.

BTW, I also wanted to thank everyone who has clicked through on my Amazon links. I meant to thank you on Saturday in my “Elsewhere” entry, but I was too tired […]

Starbucks Gold Giveaway

Since the last Starbucks giveaway was so popular, I decided to do another one in December to spread holiday cheer (via Gingersnap Lattes).

This time I’m giving away two Starbucks Gold cards, a special card that gives you 10% off most purchases, among other things. It’s also black and shiny gold and can make you feel fancy (almost like having a rare black American Express card).

One of the features of the Starbucks Gold card is that you can share your 10% discount with a friend. To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on this entry telling me who you would share your discount with by 11:59pm on Sunday, December 7th. A winner will be chosen randomly. Anyone in any country can enter, but I don’t know if the card will work everywhere in the world.

You're browsing the "starbucks" archive: 
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