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Bop to the Top


On Saturday I climbed 37 stories of the One America building with a Flip Camera in my left hand to capture all the coughing and hyperventilating. You can view my video blog about the race above. If you have dial-up or can’t discreetly watch videos at work, I will spoil the ending for you: I got to the top without keeling over. We were also one of the top 4 fundraisers for the event, an honor for which I won a mug. Instead of dividing it into 50 little pieces and mailing it to all my sponsors, I will let you have a sip from it if we ever run into each other.

You can view pictures of the event taken by The Indianapolis Star here. I’m not sure what my official time was because, quite frankly, the official race site sucks giant donkey balls. (Yes, that is my professional opinion.) I think I got in at just under 14 minutes. The fastest people did it in just under 4 minutes, which make me wonder if […]

Bop to the Top – 37 stories of pain, here I come! (Donate and I’ll link to you)

I got an email blast from my neighborhood bike store yesterday, and in a moment of optimism or madness I signed up for an event they advertised: The 26th Annual Bop to the Top. Tired of taking part in horizontal races, I’ve chosen to partake in a vertical race up 37 floors of the One America building in downtown Indianapolis. No, I haven’t been training. No, I can’t remember the last time I was on a Stairmaster. But I’m still in fairly good shape and this sounds like a lark, so I paid my registration fee and now I have to show up.

The race is also a fundraiser for the Riley Children’s Hospital, Indiana’s first and only pediatric facility. My blog gets a lot of visitors, and it occurred to me that if every one of you just gave $1 we could raise over a thousand dollars for sick kids. If you want to sponsor me, visit my fundraising page. It’s too bad I didn’t hear about this event sooner or else I could […]

You're browsing the "stairs" archive: 
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