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The smiling jerk

An old coworker sent me this image today, along with this note: “Don’t ask why I was googling for ‘smiing jerk,’ I swear I have a good reason.”

Yeah, that’s me on page 3 of the search results. Go figure! It makes me curious as to what other phrases make my image turn up. I’m hoping for “voluptuous babe.” (ETA: This is really real, not an April Fool’s joke.)

In other news, congratulations to Alexandra from Pennsylvania who won the Weight Watchers POINTS Pedometer. There were 200 entries and if I’d known the pedometer was that popular, I probably would have auctioned it off instead. (Mama’s got to pay for kitty litter.) My ignorance is your gain! Or (weight) loss, hopefully, I suppose.

You're browsing the "smiling jerk" archive: 
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