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I am my mother’s daughter

We even buy the same shoes:

More frightening than the fact that my mother and I bought the same type of sandals at Kohls (on sale!!) is that I figured this out by the sound they made on the pavement. Yes, BY SOUND. Most people have to go blind to develop super-hearing, but not I.

We were walking to a restaurant last night when I heard that SQUISH sound my left sandal has been making, except it wasn’t in time to my own footsteps. I started to alter my pace to make sure it really wasn’t me squishing and squashing down the street, and that’s when I thought to take a look at my mom’s feet.

So, yeah, I am becoming my mother. But at least we chose different colors, and I certainly did not get the black pair just because they didn’t have a size 9.5 in orange. Certainly, totally, definitely not.

Babies sure do wear weird hats these days

One outfit for everything

Comedian Mike Birbiglia has a bit in a routine where he talks about “one outfit for everything.” This is used to lead into the bit where he is ironing his pants backstage at a fund-raising event while wearing only his boxers. However, after much reflection I have to admit that I too believe in the concept of “one outfit for everything” and that outfit is jeans, a t-shirt, sweat socks and running shoes. In the winter a pullover sweater is added for warmth, but I would argue that adheres to the concept of one outfit for everything because it is part of the layering strategy. Thus, the sweater is part of the one outfit, but can be removed if the wearer determines it is too warm outside.

When I was losing all that weight, I became fascinated by clothes because I was now small enough to have a selection in outfits instead of just having the option to buy a mumu in black or dark blue. There were blouses and jackets and mini-skirts, oh my! How […]

Explain the shoe thing to me

I do not understand shoes. I understand the purpose of shoes. I know how to put them on and tie them. But I do not understand the obsession with shoes that I am supposed to have as a woman. Why are some girls so into shoes? When I think of high heels or pointy-toed shoes, I think of blisters on my toes.

Or blood in my socks.

I wore fancy shoes to my presentation at the Twinsburg Ohio Library this weekend because I knew running shoes would be inappropriate. So I walked around in my loafers and my feet hurt and I bled through my sock and my skin is still raw. I guess this is a sign the shoes don’t fit completely right. Or it’s a sign that I have weirdo feet.

Either way, I don’t like high heels or fancy looking shoes because they hurt. You cannot walk long distances in them. You cannot stand a long time in them. They are pretty little pain machines. If I could, I would wear running shoes everywhere because […]

Review: Crocs Rx Relief

PastaQueen reviews the Crocs RX Relief shoes which are comfy but not ideal for throwing at the president.

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