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The costume over my bones

In my continuing effort to comment on television shows weeks after they’ve aired, I finally watched the PBS documentary Fat: What No One is Telling You which is also available to watch online. (Up next, my comments on the second season finale of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Wasn’t that heartbreaking? But how come TV shows always use the Sarah McLachlan music when something sad happens?)

I felt like this show should have been called Fat: What Everyone Is Telling Me because after it aired several people asked me if I’d watched it, only I hadn’t. I felt like I’d skipped doing my homework so I could drink Slurpees down at the 7-11 with my friends. I suppose it is now my unofficial duty as a weight-loss blogger to watch all obesity related programming and comment on it. Thank God I don’t have cable and I’m limited to only reviewing PBS specials. The number of loose skin operations covered on the E! Network alone would put me in a backlog until 2009.

The documentary is well-done and doesn’t […]

My body, myself

I don’t feel like a fat girl anymore.

When I walk into the grocery store and see myself on the closed circuit security monitor hanging above the welcome mat, I know that average-sized girl in the black coat is me and I’m not surprised. I am surprised that I feel this way. Back when I started this journey, I was concerned a part of me would always think of myself as the fat girl.

I’ve read other weight-loss blogs where the authors have lost lots of weight and still have trouble thinking of themselves as a thin person. They are constantly surprised that they don’t have trouble fitting in chairs or cars. This weekend I attended a play and didn’t even think about the fact that I wasn’t spilling out of the seat or banging my knees into the head of the person in front of me, not until a larger man sat down two seats next to me and experienced all those problems. I feel very comfortable in my body and I believe my self-image pretty […]

You're browsing the "self image" archive: 
Man looking into telescope

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