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Weighing on my mind

It’s been almost seven months since I left my last job, so I’m finally going to post a photo I’ve been itching to post for over two years. Here is a peak peek into a corner of the ladies’ room* at my old corporate office place:

Behold, a scale! In the ladies’ room! Not in the ladies’ room of a gym or a health club, in the ladies’ room of a regular corporate workplace. When I saw this standing against the wall on my first day, I was sort of offended. What was this scale meant to imply? I asked the guys in my office if there was a scale in the men’s room and they told me there wasn’t. They also told me about the horrors that could be found in the men’s room, which I will not terrorize you with, but did make me very glad that I had lady parts.

So, why was this rickety old scale placed in the ladies’ room? Did management think their female employees were fat and needed to watch […]

Review and Giveaway: Mary Lou’s Weigh Platform

PastaQueen reviews Mary Lou’s Weigh Platform and suspects Bela Karolyi might be a vampire.

Weighing-in on January

Two weeks ago, reader Christine asked me “I’m just wondering how it’s going not weighing yourself every day?” Well, Christine, I’d be happy to tell you if I’d actually stuck to it. Yes, I totally cheated. I’m a cheater. I also used to hide notes in the source code of programs on my TI-82 calculator back in high school math class too, so I’ve been a cheater for years now.

I did hold out for a week and a half. I was really tempted to hop on the scale after I had food poisoning because I’m sure the dehydration sucked off several pounds, even if they weren’t “real.” But I kept my ass on the couch. And when I saw my little kitty looking so slender in the kitchen, I was tempted to weigh myself and then weigh myself while I was holding him to determine his weight in the difference. But I resisted that urge to and got my mother to do it when we went out to lunch that weekend. Every time I opened […]

Weight a month

The more observant (or obsessive) readers among you may have noticed something. I have not posted my weight today. No, this is not because I’ve removed my scale’s batteries in fear. It’s actually secret step four in PastaQueen’s Super Cool Strategies to Get Her Groove Back! I’m changing to monthly weigh-ins.

There are many different philosophies on how frequently you should weigh yourself: monthly, weekly, daily, or not at all. Now that I’m switching to monthly, I’ll have tried them all. My philosophy? Choose what is best for you at the time. Different approaches work for different people depending on your situation and your state of mind.

Not weighing myself at all led me to gain 200 pounds. I do not recommend this method.

When I started losing weight three years ago, I weighed myself weekly. This worked well for about a year and a half. My body was so huge that it burned a lot of calories. I could easily lose 3 or 4 pounds a week and do a happy dance every Saturday as I stepped […]

You're browsing the "scale" archive: 
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