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Rental adventures

I am out in North Carolina scouting for a place to live. One location was in the lead for several hours, until I came back later to reexamine the neighborhood and saw this on the neighbor’s porch:

You can change that label from “Roach away” to “Potential tenant away.”

At another place, the rental agent recognized me! (Hi, Holly!) This is only the third time I’ve run into a reader in real life outside of a blogging conference. It is bizarre, but kind of cool too. Sadly, that place is a bit out of my price range, but it would have been cool to live someplace where I am totally famous.

The Eleven-year scarf

It took me eleven years to knit this scarf:

You would think that after eleven years, it would be long enough to wrap around the Earth two times. Yet, it’s only about four feet long. That’s because I haven’t actually been knitting for eleven years, I’ve been knitting for a couple of days and then putting the scarf away for safekeeping for a couple years. Repeat as necessary.

There was a knitting craze at a summer camp I attended in the summer of 1997. One of the groups learned how to knit squares that would be sewn together to make a blanket. As a result, you’d see girls and guys all around campus bent over their knitting needles. I wasn’t in the knitting group, but I decided this was a good opportunity to learn how to knit, so on Parent’s Day we went to Wal-Mart and purchased some needles and yarn. That year I made a really ugly blue scarf.

Once I got home, I wanted another project, so I got some black and white yarn to make […]

You're browsing the "rent" archive: 
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