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Same Difference

I saw a little questionnaire over at A Smaller Target today and thought I’d tackle it since I’ve gotten some questions on this topic lately.

1) Do you feel that you (the person, soul, who you are) has changed since you have lost weight?

Yes. Which is funny because when I started this whole thing I was sure I would be telling people that I was still the same person, just thinner, and they were all jerkfaces for judging me because of my weight. People who discriminate against you because of your weight are still jerkfaces, but I’m not the same person I was 180 pounds ago. I’m more confident and willing to interact with the world. This is partly because I know I look better and know people will react more positively to me because of that, but partly because I feel a lot of pride and power from accomplishing such a huge task and taking control of my life. I feel like I’m driving now, not just sitting in the back seat of a […]

Progress Photos

The latest progress photos are below, along with the starting weight pics for reference purposes and to make me look even thinner. Seriously, you always look thinner when you stand next to someone fatter than you. For those of you who don’t have the Flash Plug-in, the images only progress page is here.

My first reaction when comparing these pics to the 203 pound pics was “Huh, I don’t look any different.” My fat detector isn’t very sensitive. Maybe if it were I wouldn’t have gotten so big to begin with. This is the first time I’ve waited only 10 pounds between photos instead of 20, so it should be expected that the difference wouldn’t be as great as it had been previously. I did an overlay between my last two pics and got this:

Which shows that I have lost some weight, most of it in my boobs. Because that’s the first place you want to lose the weight when you’re a girl. Please, ignore my thighs and my ass, just take my boobs. Okay, okay, […]

And now begins the sugar crash

I now declare the holiday eating season over. Assuming you’re not the type of person who stocks up on clearance candy the day after Christmas, in which case you’ve still got a couple days of sugar shock to slog through. Then we all get drunk on New Year’s Eve and start dieting again.

I had a good Christmas, though I hit the snickerdoodles a bit hard, for they are cookies that are just as delicious as their name is silly. There were no bags of chocolates and candies littering the coffee table as in past years, so it was much easier to keep my body composition from becoming 2% cocoa. Family and friends fill me up more than peppermint sugar sticks ever could anyway.

Also, Happy Birthday, Cristy!

You're browsing the "progress" archive: 
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