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3-D weight loss progress photo – fancy dress edition

A new fancy dress edition of my 3-D progress photos is now posted on the progress page and embedded below. My mother worked her magic on the broken straps of my dress with a needle as her wand. Bibbity-bobbity-boo! One would never know I broke a beaded strap at my brother’s wedding and had them replaced. Thanks, Mom!

P.S. – I’m turning off comments on this one because I feel like I’m whoring for compliments with all of these photos lately. I know I look good and thank you for thinking so too!

Progress Photo: 360 degrees of 180

My younger brother returned my camera last night, so I woke up early this morning to make the long-awaited progress photo. To ensure that this photo was taken exactly 10 pounds after the last one, I ate some cake and dropped some Jager bombs this weekend to get back up to 180. This had nothing to do with the ritualistic practice of buying kitchen utensils for my future sister-in-law or a night of debauchery with her bridesmaids. No, I did this for you so you know exactly what I look like at 180 and not 179. Those of you who do not have Flash installed in your browser can see the new picture on my images only progress page.

I’m wearing one of my new small t-shirts. When I was going through my files making this photo, I stumbled across an old PhotoShop image that estimated what I would look like when I was skinny. I can’t remember if I made this or if it was one Mark at CalorieLab made me. The timestamp says it […]

Revised weigh-in schedule and cute skirt

It’s funny how the act of blogging about something can affect it. For example, I feel perfectly fine during the week as my weight teeters and totters up and down. I know there are a million and two things that affect weight other than fat. But when I come here on Saturdays I feel like I’m playing “Justify Your Weight.” Every time the number goes up I feel like I need to reiterate all the possible reasons for gains, from salt to water retention to that time of the month , etc., etc., etc., just so other people don’t freak out. The madness must stop.

So, in the interest of keeping me out of a padded room that I doubt my health insurance would pay for anyway, I’ve decided to revise my blogging weigh-in schedule. I will continue to update my weight on Saturdays mornings, but it will appear in the sidebar of this page and not in an entry. You can find it in the “Just how fat are you?” box. I will make a […]

Progress Photos

The latest progress photos are below, along with the starting weight pics for reference purposes and to make me look even thinner. Seriously, you always look thinner when you stand next to someone fatter than you. For those of you who don’t have the Flash Plug-in, the images only progress page is here.

My first reaction when comparing these pics to the 203 pound pics was “Huh, I don’t look any different.” My fat detector isn’t very sensitive. Maybe if it were I wouldn’t have gotten so big to begin with. This is the first time I’ve waited only 10 pounds between photos instead of 20, so it should be expected that the difference wouldn’t be as great as it had been previously. I did an overlay between my last two pics and got this:

Which shows that I have lost some weight, most of it in my boobs. Because that’s the first place you want to lose the weight when you’re a girl. Please, ignore my thighs and my ass, just take my boobs. Okay, okay, […]

You're browsing the "progress photos" archive: 
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