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Kitties know best

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I’ve been busy lately, but I didn’t want to leave you blogless today. Instead, I will simply share with you a method of getting a flat stomach that is much easier and cheaper than acai berries or hoodia! (PS – That’s not Krupke, just a random Internet cat.)

The way things never were

It has been fun looking through old photo albums lately, remembering things the way they never were. Everyone is shiny and new and unbroken. Look, there’s Bob before he succumbed to soul-darkening depression! He looks so happy! And there are my parents, hugging each other in front of the dogwood tree. They’re not divorced after all! Oh, and look how cute and skinny I am at four years old before I ever discovered my compulsive eating problem!

It is kind of sad knowing these people’s futures, almost as sad as looking at what they’re wearing. Wow, a poncho. Really? But it can be happy too. Look, there’s Uncle Terry before he met his wife and made his beautiful babies. He’s got good times to look forward to. And there is Aunt Kelly the day she found out she had uterine cancer. She’ll be happy to find out they get it all during the hysterectomy. I wish I could tell Aunt Karen she will be so much happier after she divorces that man.

So many pictures. So many […]

Enough about me, let’s talk about you

There’s a lot going on in the blogosphere, so let’s take a day off from talking about me and mention what other people are up to.

Elastic Waist Photo Project: Pictures of You

The Elastic Waist peeps want pictures of you, either because they’ve been listening to The Cure too much or because they want you to stop waiting for your “after” photo. Send them your JPGs and GIFs and your PNGs if you have them and you so please.

America on the Move

Rachel from the PR firm representing the America On the Move Foundation really wants us to walk an extra 2000 steps a day. So if you are interested in “small, manageable lifestyle changes that are scientifically proven to make a difference in overall health and wellness,” walk your cyber-butt a couple steps over to the site for this non-profit organization. Everyone who registers with their site is entered in a daily drawing for an iPod shuffle and for this month’s grand prize of a $500 gift certificate to Dick’s Sporting Goods. If you register and […]

You're browsing the "pictures" archive: 
Man looking into telescope

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