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The time I was shot (with a camera, not bullets)

I’ve gotten a ridiculous amount of compliments on the photo I’ve started using for my icon on Facebook, Twitter, etc. I’m not an ugly person, but I’m not a serious contender for Miss America either, so getting this much attention over my photo is kinda weird. You’d think I’d bathed in buttermilk and hired a stylist or something, but all I really did was hire my friend Kyle Hepp, who’s a professional photographer, to take my picture. So I thought I’d take this opportunity to thank her and pimp her services.

Kyle is a girl (with a boy’s name, yes, she knows) who I met through our blogs. She is a US expatriate who lives in Chile for most of the year with her husband, Seba, who she met there during school. When I heard she’d be in Nashville last summer, I decided to trek down I-65 to meet her. I hired her to do a photo shoot too for several reasons.

I needed new promotional images of myself because everyone thought my hair was much shorter […]

Order food here

Uh, no thanks. I don’t think I will. My cat might be interested though.

Seeing double

I am still tuckered out from my trip to DC this weekend for a friend’s wedding, but lest I go a Monday without a post, please consider this photo of my red Saturn. Do you see the double sight I see?

Yes, there are two red Honda CRVs parked on either side of me. I can only imagine the moment of consternation and confusion one of the owners must have had later when their key wasn’t working. That’s what happened to me about a year ago when my key wouldn’t work on my car outside of the Kroger. I kept trying to twist and turn it in the barrel when I saw some CDs in the front seat that weren’t mine and a roll of Smarties and oh wait, this is not my car, is it? It’s almost an argument to paint your car neon pink to avoid confusion.

You're browsing the "photo" archive: 
Man looking into telescope

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