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Party post-mortem

If the current state of the Hello Kitty balloon is any indicator, everyone had a blast at my Bye, Bye, Bash last night. About a dozen people turned out, but I was concerned they might not be able to find me because the Hello Kitty balloon went FERAL on my ass.

Normally, helium balloons float up towards the sky, that is unless there are winds whipping them back and forth, knocking over your drink and dragging the trophy they’re tied to across the Biergarten. Basically, the Hello Kitty balloon acted like a real kitty on a string would have. I eventually tied it to a water spigot next to the bar and hoped people could just find me on sight.

There were a lot of people competing in the live band karaoke competition, probably because there was a $500 prize. Most everyone could actually sing, so no one at my table felt brave enough to belt one out. Which meant I didn’t have to buy anyone a drink!

To continue on the Hello Kitty theme, Kristen brought her […]

Bye, Bye, Bash and lots of boxes

I want to remind everyone that my Bye, Bye, Bash is tonight at 6pm in the Biergarten at The Rathskeller. Full details here. It’s live karaoke night and I promise to buy you a drink if you sing. There’s only a 20% chance of rain, so hopefully you’ll stay dry even if you’re drinking. I’ll be waiting at a table with the awesome Hello, Kitty balloon. It cost $6.99 plus tax, but I figured I’m worth it:

Everyone is welcome! Drop on by if you can!

When I haven’t been buying cat-shaped balloons, I’ve been busy packing everything I own into liquor store boxes which I’ve numbered for easy reference. Thanks for the tips, guys! Wednesday is the big delivery day at the liquor store near me. So they’ve been really happy to see me come by the last two weeks. They practically tossed the boxes into the car for me. Of course, my new neighbors are going to think I’m a total alcoholic. Jose Cuervo and Captain Morgan are my new best friends.

My Bye, Bye Bash at the Biergarten

Party planning gives me the hives, but I’ve gone ahead and set a date for my official going-away party. Everyone is invited—Internet people, work buddies, friends, random lurkers. Stop on by if you can! (And if you’re over 21. Sorry, liquor laws!)

Jennette’s Bye, Bye Bash

Wednesday, June 23


The Rathskellar Biergarten

401 East Michigan St

Indianapolis, IN 46204

Google maps link

Drop by to say good-bye to Jennette before she packs up her things and leaves Indiana for the hills of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. We’ll hijack some picnic tables and drink overpriced beers in the Biergarten. It’s “Can You Rock” night, so karaoke with the live band if you dare! You could win a prize, and I don’t even have to pay for it!

ETA: Uh, I just noticed there is a $3 cover charge. Sorry about that. See, this is why party planning gives me hives.

Party on (but not too much)

I went to a party in Wisconsin last weekend. Yes, Wisconsin. They know how to drink there, and they put cheese sticks in their alcoholic beverages, at least in the mornings.

It was fun to escape into a bubble universe for the weekend and live in a land where everyone is happy to see you and there is much dancing and revelry and ass-squeezing. (I’m looking at you, jenfu.) I am a bit disappointed no one flashed me or made out with me, and the raw food restaurant made my face so splotchy that it caused my fellow diners to frantically search for an antihistamine, but overall it was a high time. It was a place where my only responsibility was to make sure my bus buddy wasn’t left at the laser tag arena.

But now I am back in my day-to-day life and there are many responsibilities, like scheduling a conference call and picking up a friend from the mechanic and finishing a client’s site. It is tempting to contemplate a life where every week was […]

I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter, SuperBowl party gift set giveaway

Photo by jdickert / CC BY 2.0

PastaQueen is not giving away butter. Find out what she is giving away behind the jump.

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