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Review: “The 10-Minute Total Body Breakthrough” by Sean Foy

PastaQueen reads a book. And finishes it! And tells you about it!

Nutrilite health assessment results

Did PastaQueen’s health assessment reveal that she’s made of sugar and spice and everything nice? Find out behind the jump.

Nutrilite bloggers event: Oh, right, the real reason I was in LA

What wonders lie beyond the snack bar at the Nutrilite blogger event? Find out behind the jump (where there are no ads as mandated by my ad network agreement).

PastaQueen does Los Angeles

If you read this before the end of the day, I am either airborne or waiting for my layover in Minnesota. (Hello, Minneapolis!) Either way, I’m also praying that my pilots are not drunk or using their laptops in the cockpit. I’m heading to LA for the Nutrilite Blogger Event this weekend, where I’ll learn about their products, meet some athletes, and get a free health assessment which will test my flexibility, bone density, and analyze my body fat. (Eep!) Nutrilite is a manufacturer of vitamins and dietary supplements owned by Amway. I shall report back on my trip next week, and I shall try to do so without sounding like an advertorial.

This event is also an excuse to see LA for the first time, and how could I turn down an opportunity to feel fat and ugly next to all the pretty, plastic people out there? I asked Nutrilite to delay my return ticket by two days, and they were happy to oblige. (Thanks, Lindsay!) So if you see a brunette in a rental […]

You're browsing the "nutrilite" archive: 
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