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Scar update

The cut on my nose is healing pretty well ever since I was attacked by that rabid porcupine. I’ve been rubbing Mederma on it three times a day, which may or may not be helping. Here it is today:

And three weeks ago.

It is somewhat miraculous that the body can repair itself like that. I wish my car could do that. It would save me a lot on mechanics.

The nose knows

Here is the nose, one week after that knife fight I got into with a female, Mexican biker gang. It is looking much improved from how it did last Friday morning:

I’ve been keeping it coated in Polysporin and covered away from the sun. I think there will be a faint scar at first that will fade over the next few months. Nothing to cry over.


I also wanted to thank everyone who voted for me in the Blindy Awards hosted by Blog Indiana. I won best Hoosier Blog! Woot! Sadly, I was in transit to my 5K when the awards were announced and was not able to leap up and down and rub my victory in the losers’ faces, which is probably for the best.

You're browsing the "nose" archive: 
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