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Big announcement Monday

Photo by Audric Leperdi / by CC BY-NC 2.0

Hey, y’all. I will be making a big announcement on Monday, so be sure to stop by. Feel free to guess what it is in the comments of this post, though I suspect you will come up with ideas far more thrilling than the truth. No fair guessing if you already know!

Oh, and I’m NOT announcing another book in case that’s what your first guess was. Sorry. I tend to blurt out news of my book deals without any forewarning.

A Christmas mystery

It was so bizarre yesterday driving past stores to see entire parking lots deserted. It felt like a post-Armageddon world and made me slightly paranoid zombies might start marching down the road at any moment.

There was no mystery as to why the parking lots were deserted. Everyone deserves a day off from time to time, even if it means I have to go to Walgreens to buy drinks for Christmas dinner and wait in line behind the slowest walking people ever. However, I did encounter a small pre-Christmas mystery when I saw this on the sidewalk as I was walking to the YMCA during work on Tuesday:

I’ve seen shoes on the side of the road before, and sometimes even t-shirts or hats, but hair? Someone lost their hair? How did this happen? What were the events leading up to my discovery of a hairpiece on the side of the road. Dear readers, please regale me with tales of how this could have happened in the comments, for I am at a loss.

PS – Happy birthday, […]

You're browsing the "mystery" archive: 
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