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I attended an 80’s rock concert!

One of the advantages of being self-employed is that you can sit in front of your laptop obsessively refreshing a Twitter page in hopes of winning free concert tickets without fear of being discovered by your boss. The @IndyStateFair Twitter page has been giving away free tickets to various events this month. You just have to be the first person to direct message them with the correct answer to a trivia question. When I saw that they were going to give away tickets to the Journey concert with opening act Heart, I opened up one browser window for the direct message and another with the Twitter feed to refresh every minute waiting for the question.

I didn’t expect to win because I don’t know any much Journey trivia, but after about 10 minutes I hit refresh and was startled to see the question appear, “Which current reality show judge was a member of Journey from 1986-87?” I haven’t watched American Idol since season two, unless you count the weekend I watched every Adam Lambert video online […]

Lyrical response

I was driving down the interstate this weekend when “Sweet Home Alabama” started playing on the radio. I always stop my channel tuning and listen to this Lynard Skynard song when it’s on, just like I always stop to watch “The Shawshank Redemption” when it’s on TNT. However, there is one stanza that I didn’t understand the first few years after I’d first heard it:

Well I heard mister Young sing about her

Well, I heard ole Neil put her down

Well, I hope Neil Young will remember

A Southern man don’t need him around anyhow

I don’t always pay attention to song lyrics. It can take me 4 or 5 listens before I start to decode what a song is really about. It was only when I took a History of Rock n’ Roll class that I heard the Neil Young song, “Southern Man,” which is critical of the south and is what Lynard Skynard is referring to.

As I continued driving along, I tried to think of more songs that make reference to other songs. It sounds like […]

A good heart is hard to find

I had no idea who Feargal Sharkey was except that he had a funny name and he recorded a guilty pleasure of mine, A Good Heart. It is a very 80’s song with a video that features two, TWO, drummers, because one cute drummer is not enough when you are making a cheesy 80’s video. I never told anyone I listened to this song, just like I don’t tell them about the cheesy TV shows I sometimes watch. (Smallville, I’m looking at you.)

I was listening to Pandora the other day which is a free web service which plays songs that are similar to an artist or song you suggest. I entered “Maria McKee” and was listening to several folk/rock chicks when suddenly a cover of “A Good Heart” by Maria McKee came on.

“What a funny song to cover!” I thought as I looked up from the bills I was sorting. “I thought I was the only one who had ever heard this song.” So I searched for Maria McKee on Wikipedia, and what do you […]

Play it again..and again…and again

I have listened to “Read My Mind” by The Killers 87 times. I have no excuse for this. It’s a good pop song, but 87 times? 87 times?! It’s a four-minutes long, which means I’ve spent almost 6 hours of my life listening to this song. The number is probably even higher because it doesn’t count all the times I listened to that track in my car.

The Last.fm plug-in I have installed in WinAmp and iTunes counts every MP3 I play on my computer and calculates these embarrassing statistics for me. It almost seems like an invasion of privacy putting my actual musical preferences out there, instead of just what I tell people I like. It’s like the difference between all the healthy stuff in your food diary and the Oreos you’re actually stuffing in your mouth and “forgetting” to write down. We tend to judge people by what they do and don’t like. Whenever I have friends or family over for the first time, they go right for my bookcase, trying to glean insight […]

My theme song

(Psst..I know you guys probably want to hear about The Today Show and what Lester Holt smells like. I will write about it soon, but I have a job and a sleep schedule to attend to, so please enjoy this pre-written entry for now.)

Ten years ago I was lying in bed at summer camp when a floormate walked into the room. This wasn’t unusual because my roommate and I kept the door open and somehow a spontaneous bubble of popularity had formed over our room, a bubble I would never have been able to create if I tried.

“Do you have any CDs?” she asked.

“Yeah, over there,” I replied. “Why?”

“I need to find my theme song.” Her group had been assigned a task to pick a song that represented who they were. This was 1997 and MP3s hadn’t even been invented yet, so she was limited to the handful of CDs and cassettes (I’m so old) her peers had brought with them. I don’t know what song she ultimately picked, but the idea of a […]

You're browsing the "music" archive: 
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