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Get out of my yard!

A husky man with a little dog walks past my back porch every night at 7:15pm. Sometimes he is reading a book, other times he is playing a hand-held video game which I know is not called a Gameboy, but I want to call a Gameboy because I was born in 1980. Usually he is wearing a T-shirt, flip-flops and baggy gym shorts. Regardless of his outfit, every night at 7:15pm I burst into uncontrollable giggles, because it is very odd to have a strange man who is oblivious to my existence appear within 3 feet of me and then disappear as quickly as he came. I almost expect him to stroll through the sliding glass door, look up in a confused manner and mumble, “How’d I end up in this lady’s living room?” Then the cats would attack.

My new apartment has a back porch which faces the back of another row of apartments in the complex, divided by a stretch of grass which probably has a proper name defined in dictionaries, but I don’t […]

Almost moved

I have done more stairs this week than Rocky.

It has been nice living on the second floor. I don’t hear people scuttle around above me. I’m not distracted by people walking past my windows. But dear Jesus, all those benefits come at the horrible cost of having to move all my crap in small, box-sized portions, down a flight of stairs in the sun and 90-degree heat and then jog back up for another round of misery.

The moving dragged on forever and ever and ever. After moving all the large objects in a rental truck last Monday, I was left with all the remainder items to transport in car loads. Each time I’d look around the apartment and think, “Ok, this will fit in two car loads.” Then I’d pack everything up and think, “Ok, I guess I actually have two more car loads after this.” And then I’d drive and unload and come back and pack up some more and think, “Ok, this is the final two car loads for sure,” but it was […]

Still moving, but my body isn’t

I would not recommend moving out of your 2nd floor apartment with a western exposure on a clear, sunny afternoon of 90 degrees. My brother and his friend earned every penny we paid them to load a truck full of dressers and SteelCase desks. I loaded and unloaded 5 carloads worth of boxes and assorted stuff, and was surprised by how much you can cram into a 2002 Saturn SL1. And still, I have not yet moved everything out of my apartment. There are wall hangings to take down, kitchen items to box, more clothes to toss into bags. I don’t even have that much stuff, but it is amazing how exhausting it can be to move what little stuff I have. I have a true appreciation for what my mother went through every time we moved to a different state. I can’t imagine having to pack everything at once instead of gradually transporting all my stuff across town like I’m doing now.

My body is sore, and I’m glad I have a week of wiggle […]

Moving is great exercise

As you are reading this I am most likely moving heavy objects, or even more likely, I am directing my brother and his friend who are moving heavy objects. I’ve decided to move to a new apartment, which sadly means I will no longer be running up and down the happy, fun, fitness trail on a regular basis. I love the trail, but I do not love it at the rate of $300 a month, which is how much I will be saving by moving. They kept raising my rent every year and I finally decided the pain of moving all my earthly possessions (my very heavy earthly possessions) was worth the money I’ll be keeping in my checking account.

As I noted a few years ago, moving is great exercise! Who needs a Stairmaster when you live on the 2nd floor? I decided not to infringe too greatly on my brother’s goodwill, so I lugged all my weights to the backseat of my car myself last night. I carried a grand total of 112 pounds […]

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