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I am my mother’s daughter

We even buy the same shoes:

More frightening than the fact that my mother and I bought the same type of sandals at Kohls (on sale!!) is that I figured this out by the sound they made on the pavement. Yes, BY SOUND. Most people have to go blind to develop super-hearing, but not I.

We were walking to a restaurant last night when I heard that SQUISH sound my left sandal has been making, except it wasn’t in time to my own footsteps. I started to alter my pace to make sure it really wasn’t me squishing and squashing down the street, and that’s when I thought to take a look at my mom’s feet.

So, yeah, I am becoming my mother. But at least we chose different colors, and I certainly did not get the black pair just because they didn’t have a size 9.5 in orange. Certainly, totally, definitely not.

You're browsing the "mother" archive: 
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