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A Midsummer Night’s Run (through HELL)

I was number two in the 5K last weekend!

Sadly, this does not refer to my finishing placement but to my bib number. I was evidently the second person to register for the event, only after the elusive number one who I never sighted. This made me such a celebrity that a guy ran up to me after the race to ask, “Are you really number two?” to which I replied, “Yes, I’m number two!” Then his friend took a picture of us both holding up two fingers like a victory sign.

I had planned to run the Midsummer’s Night Run in Lexington, Kentucky with my old college roommate, Kelly, who lives in town. Sadly, Kelly injured her foot while riding a slide into a basement dressed as the Cheshire Cat, so I had to run alone. This was for the best because it would have been Kelly’s first 5K, and it was so AWFULLY organized that it probably would have turned her off to racing all together.

I had positive thoughts for the race at first […]

If I were doing Couch to 1.5K I’d be done now

The last minute is always the hardest. I am tired and out of breath, just like I’m out of quarters for the laundry. But I keep going because the last minute is where I make the most gains. It’s where I push my body a little bit further than it’s gone before, so tomorrow it can heal and go even farther the next day.

Today I will run for 8 minutes and walk for 5 minutes and run for 8 minutes as part of the 2nd day of training in the 5th week of the Couch to 5K program. I’m halfway there! I am pretty sure that last minute will be rough, but it will get me closer to the 5K and farther from the couch. It’s only a month and two days until the Midsummer Night’s Run 5K, and I’ve got to stick to every day of the training schedule to be in shape in time.

I’ve “enjoyed” the Couch to 5K program so far, but I have to put quotes around the word “enjoyed” because […]

Thanks for my 5K sponsors! You can still join the list

Thanks to everyone who has sponsored my upcoming 5K race so far. I’m about a quarter of the way to my goal of $3000. If you’d like to become a featured sponsor and get your link in the right rail, you can donate at least $20 here until race day, August 15, 2009. All donations benefit the National Headache Foundation.

Run Lazy

My Basement Gym

Airplane Extenders


Yogurt Beats Cake

…Things are going to start happening to me now

Gravel and Rust

Booth or Bust

Fat Girl, Thin Dress

Cupcakes Take the Cake

Why the Weight?

This morning I completed the first day of week 3 of my Couch to 5K training. I like using the Podrunner Intervals MP3s while I’m running because they make a beeping sound when I’m supposed to switch from running to walking or back again. I’ve done interval training in the past by using my watch, which only makes me focus on the time. I’ll be huffing and puffing and look at my wrist to see I only have 30 seconds left…and then I check again and I have 20 seconds […]

Attention all do-gooders: Sponsor my 5K race and get a link

Were you aware that this week is National Headache Awareness week? You were? Wow, you’re really aware of your awareness weeks. Good for you! I am excited about headache week because now I get to be like all those people who run around talking about their diseases to raise money, like Michael J. Fox for Parkinson’s or Christina Applegate for breast cancer. I never had a favorite charity because I never had a disease that came with one. (There is no chicken pox foundation.) But now that I have a chronic headache, I’ve basically been assigned my own charitable cause! Yippee!

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve entered the Midsummer’s Night Run 5K race that takes place in Lexington, Kentucky on August 15. The race is organized by Central Baptist Hospital, but there is no official fund raising program associated with the event. So, I am launching my own sponsorship campaign to benefit the National Headache Foundation. All the money will be donated to programs devoted to headache education and research, so maybe one day they’ll figure […]

Technically it should be “Loveseat to 5K”

I used to exercise because I knew it was the only thing keeping the world from exploding. I would dash onto the trail immediately after work so I would have enough day light to complete my runs. I would lift weights as I watched Good Morning America. I did Pilates so much I found myself able to roll backwards and then leap up off the mat. I did this for months and months after I got my horrible, awful, no-good headache. I did it because I knew if I didn’t the universe would collapse and we would all die, because it was only the force of me exercising five times a week that was preventing total world annihilation.

But after about 8 months of the pain and the pathetic push-ups, I stopped. The running shoes stayed in the closet and my Pilates mat stayed in the corner and my weights just stayed put, period. And the world did not explode. The universe did not end. This was a very bad thing to discover. I needed to […]

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