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Weighing on my mind

It’s been almost seven months since I left my last job, so I’m finally going to post a photo I’ve been itching to post for over two years. Here is a peak peek into a corner of the ladies’ room* at my old corporate office place:

Behold, a scale! In the ladies’ room! Not in the ladies’ room of a gym or a health club, in the ladies’ room of a regular corporate workplace. When I saw this standing against the wall on my first day, I was sort of offended. What was this scale meant to imply? I asked the guys in my office if there was a scale in the men’s room and they told me there wasn’t. They also told me about the horrors that could be found in the men’s room, which I will not terrorize you with, but did make me very glad that I had lady parts.

So, why was this rickety old scale placed in the ladies’ room? Did management think their female employees were fat and needed to watch […]

You're browsing the "men’s room" archive: 
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