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Anti-Fat Pill

A lot of mice have gotten fat so someday we won’t have to. Scientists recently discovered that turning off a gene in mice’s genetic code caused them to stop producing an enzyme which caused the build-up of an amino acid which caused cells to make new proteins and then destroy them over and over again burning lots of calories without getting fat. Did you get that? Basically, some people have cells that do a lot of busy work that waste time and energy – just like your office job! But unlike sitting in front of a computer all day, this busy work keeps them thin. It’s a long way of saying that genes do probably play a factor in making you fat and yes there really are some people who can eat cake all day and not gain weight. You can find more information in the easy-to-read MSNBC article or the more detailed Nature.com article or if you have PhD in cell biology you can dive into the original paper published in Cell Metabolism. […]

You're browsing the "medicine" archive: 
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