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Thinking of you

I’ve been thinking of two people this morning. First, my friend Kyle Hepp (who’s a girl, despite the typically masculine name), who is a photographer in Santiago, Chile. I opened up my web browser to MSNBC this morning to see the words “8.8 quake hits Chile; huge tsumani feared” in all caps, with the big, red, breaking-news bar above it. All caps and big red bars are very bad news indeed. The pictures of overturned cars aren’t very reassuring either. I haven’t heard anything from her on her blog or Twitter. I’m going to tell myself she is ok and is most likely without Internet and electricity to tell us so. But, hopefully she will check in soon.

UPDATE: Kyle is okay! Yay! Read about her earthquake experience here.

Second, I wanted to wish Erin Shea good luck. Good luck, Erin! Erin is running a half-marathon today in New Orleans. She’s been tracking her training on a group blog. I remember how much work training for my own half-marathon was and I wish for her good weather, […]

Reading burns calories: The Nonrunner’s Marathon Guide for Women

Today I’m starting a new series called “Reading burns calories” in which I’ll review health and fitness books. You need something to read on the treadmill, right? Actually, I’ve never mastered the art of reading on a treadmill. It’s hard to read words as I bounce along my merry way and I’m usually going so hard that it’s hard to ignore the suffering of my body and focus my brain on a magazine. I prefer to use running as my meditation time. However, if you do read on the treadmill, I’ll be reviewing books that you might like. I probably won’t be doing it too often though because I read even slower than I run.

The Nonrunner’s Marathon Guide for Women: Get Off Your Butt and On with Your Training by Dawn Dais

Full disclosure: My publisher, Seal Press, sent me this book for free a month or two ago asking me if I’d like to review it on the blog. Since my publisher has been nothing short of awesome and since I’m running half-marathon in May, […]

NOVA Marathon Challenge

As I was watching the NOVA Marathon Challenge last night, which followed twelve regular people on “Team NOVA” training to run the 26 mile Boston Marathon, I came to a shocking realization. I too was once on Team Nova.

Sixth grade. Louisville, Kentucky. Westport Middle School. Each grade was separated into three or four teams of students who had the same teachers. It was a way of dividing up the student body to make them more manageable. Our teams were astronomically themed: 6-1 Nebula, 6-2 Nova, 6-3 Pulsar, and 6-4 Fine Arts and Humanities a.k.a. Snobby Little Bitches who were too good to be named Quasar or Red Dwarf. As you can see I was chubby even back then and had a propensity for correcting our yearbook staff’s typos with a ballpoint pen. I was on 6-2 Nova, but they never made me run a marathon to graduate, thank goodness. I didn’t even have to take PE. Otherwise I might have been a sixth grade drop-out.

They expected at least half of PBS’s Team NOVA to drop […]

No, not that kind of marathon

The only marathons I have been a part of involve 12 episodes of Law & Order aired back to back and the loss of sensation in my buttocks. Another type of marathon is being covered tonight on PBS and it doesn’t involve a dozen hours of Sam Waterston. Tonight’s episode of NOVA is called the Marathon Challenge and follows 13 novice runners as they train to run the Boston marathon. I’m really looking forward to watching this becauseā€¦I signed up to run a half marathon! Woo-hoo! Me and the Indianapolis 500 Mini-Marathon on May 3, 2008, baby! I’ve lost half my weight, I wrote a book called Half-Assed: A Weight-Loss Memoir and now I’m going to run a half-marathon. I hope to learn a lot from this show and I hope no one gets horribly injured or collapses in a pool of vomit because that registration fee is non-refundable. Check your listings for time and station.

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