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Everything breaks at once

Last week I finally figured out what causes the grimy residue that occasionally appears in my bathroom sink. It’s from sewage coming up the drain! Oh, how I long for the days I thought it was from the maintenance man changing my air filter and washing his hands in the sink. The urine and little flecks of feces swimming in the basin where I brush my teeth were very warm, emanating heat when my hand hovered above the concoction. I turned on the faucet and forced the icky brew sloooooooowly back down the drain and then closed the stopper until the maintenance man could come fix it.

This was also the same day that my Internet connection died for real. Two days before I left for vacation, the Internet choked, then someone did the Heimlich and it was breathing again for a day. But then it was hit by a bus and died while I was away, only to be carted to the emergency room and resuscitated for another day when I was able to check […]

Guest post on Refuse to Regain blog

I’m a fan of Refuse to Regain, a blog run by Dr. Barbara Berkeley and Lynn Haraldson-Bering about the oft overlooked topic of weight maintenance. You may remember Lynn from the People “Half Their Size” issue or her appearances on The Today Show or Oprah, and Dr. Berkeley just released a book called, fittingly enough, Refuse to Regain!: 12 Tough Rules to Maintain the Body You’ve Earned!. Their detailed, thoughtful articles often help me refocus on the never-ending struggle to keep the weight off.

They were kind enough to let me guest blog on their site today about the difficulties of maintaining weight while suffering from chronic pain. So hop on over there to read 4 Tips for Maintaining Your Weight While Suffering from Chronic Pain.

…but I’m losing weight again

I was at dinner with some friends a couple weeks ago. Some of them had worked at their jobs for 7 or 10 or 14 years.

“Does it get boring working the same job for that long?” I asked.


“Oh God, yes.”

The other just nodded.

These weren’t the reactions I wanted to hear, but at least they were honest. Everyone agreed that they liked their jobs and the companies they worked for, but even the best job had spurts of boredom. Healthy living can be like a job. It certainly is a lot of work. Recently I started to get bored with it, so to get back into it I decided to make things interesting and fun again.

Something new…and shiny

First off, I decided I needed something new, so I got a two-week trial membership at the fancy ladies gym. It’s small enough that the receptionist knows who you are, which was a nice bit of accountability. If I stopped going, I’m sure Sharon would know I’m slacking off! I got a trainer to show me some of the […]

Crap, I got fat again

There is a box of clothes on my closet floor labeled, “Fat clothes (in case of emergency)” which is slightly less full than it was two weeks ago. Sound the sirens and alert the diet police because this is most definitely an emergency.

I stepped on the scale two weeks ago and a scary number appeared in the window, like a gremlin peering in. Aaah! It wasn’t so much a surprise as an inevitability, considering that I’d stopped exercising for three weeks are started eating whatever the hell I wanted. Oh, the cashiers at Kroger could tell some tales! Let it be known that I have discovered the secret to weight gain: eat more, move less.

I was sick of exercising. I was sick of eating salad. I was sick of seeing everyone eat donuts at meetings while I was eating carrot sticks. I resented how much time exercise took, leaving no time to work on my blog redesign. And most of all I was bored. Bored with Pilates. Bored with running. Bored with lifting weights. Bored, […]

Weight: 179 – Pounds to lose: 19 179, good enough for me!

Those are my feet, as funky as ever. Those are my toes, still gnarly from the half-marathon two months ago. And there is the issue of Women’s Health my book was reviewed in this month, proving the photo is recent.

It’s July 2, 2008 and I weigh 179 pounds. That’s exactly what I weighed on July 2, 2007. And that’s good enough for me!

When I started this journey back in…the stone ages? The bronze age? Okay, maybe it was just 2005. I set 160 as my goal weight because I wanted a number to aim for, 160 fell in the “normal” BMI range and it ended in a 0. Since June of 2007, I’ve been hovering below or above 180. Sometimes I’ve been really psyched to get to 160, charting out how many months it will take if I lose a pound every week. Sometimes I’ve looked at 175 on the scale in the morning and thought, “I’ll have a chocolate éclair for breakfast!”

So, let’s scratch out that “160” next to my goal weight because I. […]

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