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Lick the produce: What nice melons you have!

Every month I eat fruits and vegetables that I’ve never tried before. Well, I did eat new fruits and vegetables every month until I ate my way through the Kroger produce section. I’ve been on the lookout for exotic fruits or oddly colored vegetables, but it’s taken me four months to collect three new items. Never fear, though! I recently located an international supermarket that sells such oddities as corn and cheese flavored ice cream from Asia. They have all sorts of scary, prickly, fruits and vegetables that I can try or die trying (hopefully they don’t have any poisonous bits). Until then, here are my three latest discoveries from Kroger and Trader Joe’s.

Casaba Melon

The casaba melon looks like a yellow pumpkin in this picture, mostly because I have a crappy camera. All the food bloggers at BlogHer had fancy schmancy cameras that would make this casaba melon look so tasty you would leave rainbow colored drops of saliva on your computer screen. I have a point and shoot camera and little interest in digital […]

Lick the Produce: Scraping the bottom of the barrel

I’ve been Licking the Produce for over a year now, and damn is my tongue sore. I’ve tried countless new fruits and vegetables. Well, you actually could count them, but I’m too lazy to go back through the archives and do that. Let’s just say there have been a lot. Here are some more.

Yellow Plum

The yellow plum really did start out yellow, but turned a nice shade of red by the time I took a picture. It tasted like a plum. What I enjoyed most about the plum was that it came from Chile, which made me think of Kyle, (Hey, Kyle!) and how cool it is that blogging has allowed me to meet people in countries that export tropical fruits to the US.

Assorted Squash

Last fall I tried all of the squash pictured above – an acorn squash, a gold acorn squash, a white acorn squash and a delicata. They all tasted like squash. That’s why I didn’t blog about it.

In the past two months I’ve desperately been searching the produce section for fruits and […]

Lick the Produce: They come in all sizes

No matter how many animals they categorize into species and phylums and kingdoms, they always seem to be discovering giant squids in the North Pacific or new mammals in Borneo. And no matter how many fruits and vegetables I’ve tried over the past year, I’m always finding new ones that I’ve never heard of.

Seckel pears

Food is so much cuter when it’s miniaturized. That’s why I buy baby carrots instead of their full-sized cousins. When I saw an eight pack of pears each the size of a baby’s fist, I snatched them up. These itty-bitty pears are also known as sugar pears, and after I bit into one it was clear why. They’re very sweet. Their small size makes them great for portion control too. I ate one or two at a time when I just wanted a small snack. I’d buy them again, but I got them at the late, great Sunflower Market, so I’ll have to find another sugar pear dealer before that happens. I’ll comfort myself in the mean time with this site […]

Lick the produce: Mutant spawn edition

Once a month I wheel my grocery cart into the produce section and fill it with items that I’ve never stuck in my mouth before. This month’s entry is dedicated solely to the unholy love children of the produce section, those mutant spawn that were never meant to be – hybrids!


Back in August I was passing the peaches when I saw a speckled, plum-like fruit. I examined the sticky label and discovered my Kroger had started stocking Dinosaur Eggs. Wow, I thought dinosaurs were extinct! These must be worth millions! Yet, my local supermarket was selling the extinct eggs for less than 6 figures per pound, though they didn’t specify what breed they were. Triceratops? Tyrannasaurus Rex? Upon further research, I learned the Dinosaur Egg is one of at least 13 varieties of the pluot, a cross between a plum and an apricot. Don’t confuse them with the aprium or the plumcot. While I loved the creative marketing, the pluot tasted like a plum to me, just with a cuter name.


After I’d tried orange cauliflower […]

Lick the Produce: Strange fruit

Once a month I try new fruits and vegetables. Sometimes I even know their names.


Sometimes I do not know their names. Thank you to everybody who told me that the strange, green fruit I picked up at the grocery store is a cherimoya. They are a very popular fruit that have several web sites dedicated to them and Mark Twain called them “deliciousness itself.” Still, I’d never seen or heard of them before. I’m evidently out of the fruit loop. I don’t recognize any of the musicians in the Top 10 anymore and I cannot identify a somewhat popular and beloved custard fruit. I am old and out of touch with the world.

The cherimoya is described as having a creamy, custard flavor and it lived up to its reputation. It was very yummy, sweet with a tart after taste. My only complaint is that there are a lot of hard brown seeds that I had to pick out. As shown in the picture below, after I ate all the white stuff they took up one […]

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