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No one ever saves the web designer

They sometimes made us play a game in school. (Although school is the real game.) The teacher would hand out a flyer describing the problem which was this: 12 people with 12 different occupations are stranded on a desert island that can only support 6 people. Who gets to stay on the island? Of course, they never explained how we were going to get rid of the other 6 people. Drowning? An “accidental” blow to the head in the coconut grove?

The survivors occupations were something like this: doctor, lawyer, small electronics repair man, plumber, realtor, etc. etc. Which got me thinking – if I were placed in the scenario, I’d better learn how to swim. “But I know CSS!” is not a winning argument against the person who knows how to suture.

Sometimes I wonder how I would fare if the world sunk into a post-apocalyptic nightmare. You know, if the economy totally collapses and I had to fight off neighbors who wanted to eat my cats. That sort of thing. I don’t think I’d do […]

There might be better jobs, but I don’t know what they are

I’ve attended a couple career fairs in the past, but I never saw a booth advertising this job – Cadbury chocolate taster! I suppose that’s the kind of job they don’t need to advertise. Even if I did see it listed in the classifieds, I’d probably think it was as genuine as the blurbs telling me I can make thousands of dollars a week at home stuffing envelopes. No college education required!

The only down side would be that you’d probably have to taste some unsuccessful chocolate experiments. The article explains some of the chocolate tasting jargon and mentions that the word “hammy” is used “if they detect overtones of putrefying meat.” Putrefying meat? Are they using the corpses of the chickens that lay the chocolate eggs in their products now?

Unless I migrate to Britain, I doubt I will ever get to be a Cadbury chocolate taster. However, there are evidently positions for ice cream tasters as well, and that guy in the article has got to die sometime, hopefully not from dairy-induced health trauma. The […]

You're browsing the "jobs" archive: 
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