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My New Workout

Truly, the only way you could get me to run that fast is if you put a cookie in front of me.

Video via Skwigg who saw it on Alwyn Cosgrove. For those of you sneaking your blog reading in at work and don’t want to blow your cover, it’s a Japanese game show where the object of the game is to run off the end of a long treadmill. You grab a cookie every 10 feet or so, at which point the treadmill speeds up. Most people end up tripping and get sent off the treadmill into a pool of water. But hey, at least they got a cookie! When I first watched it I thought, “Man, it’s pretty much impossible to win this game,” and then I realized that was the point. It’s way more entertaining to see people get knocked into a wading pool with a mouth mashed full of chocolate chips than it is to see them win. It’s like an allegory for our high-paced, competitive society. We’re all running like crazy […]

You're browsing the "japanese game show" archive: 
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