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Reading burns calories – Moose: A Memoir of Fat Camp by Stephanie Klein

I got nine bug bites while reading Stephanie Klein’s book Moose: A Memoir of Fat Camp, so I felt fully immersed in her camping experience even though I never attended a fat camp myself. I suppose that’s what I get for reading on a wet bench in the park after a rain storm. But reading outside was the only way I could stop myself from eating after reading the vibrant descriptions of food in some of the earlier chapters. She has a way a with words. In fact, I stole picked up the phrase “happy weight” from this book which I used in an entry last week.

I was particularly happy to get a copy of Stephanie’s book because she is a blogger, writing regularly at Greek Tragedy. She’ll also be one of the keynote speakers at the BlogHer conference in two weeks, which I’m also speaking at, so hopefully we’ll bump into each other. Until then, the PastaQueen and the former Porno Queen conducted an email interview about her latest book, though you’ll have […]

Another reminder – Reading with Robin

I taped a delightful interview with Robin Kall last night for her radio show, Reading with Robin. It will air at 7:00am tomorrow morning, Saturday, June 28 on WHJJ-AM in Providence, RI. You can listen to it live on the radio station’s web site here. Thanks to Robin for inviting me!

Video interview at Capessa

If you’ve got your headphones plugged in as you secretly read blogs at work, you can click over to Capessa and listen to videos of an interview I did last week. I was a bit surprised to see videos on the page because I did the interview over the phone and I hadn’t noticed any cameras hidden in the eyeballs of the stuffed animals on my bookshelf. They did a great job of illustrating my thoughts with photos and even made me giggle a little with their PhotoShop skills. It makes me wish someone would follow me around with a computer screen that would flash relevant imagery behind me as I talk. That would be far more impressive than simply talking with my hands.

Anyway, I can tell they put a lot of work into it and actually went back and read my blog, which is always appreciated. I sometimes feel like I’ve been giving the same interview over and over again for a month so it’s nice to mix it up a bit and […]

Behind the scenes at The Today Show

As we walked down the New York sidewalk Sunday afternoon, I moaned to my aunt Lori about how stressful it had been finding my way from Kennedy airport to my hotel in midtown Manhattan the night before. It was an endless saga involving hidden elevators, express buses that took their damn time and AirTrains that did not fly through the air but disappointingly looped around the airport terminals endlessly. Eventually I decided the price of a taxi was worth eliminating the chance of getting lost in New Jersey after midnight with only a box of soy protein bars and lip gloss for sustenance.

“So, you appeared on national television this morning without any anxiety, but it was traveling from the airport to the hotel that stressed you out?” my aunt asked incredulously.

“Um, yeah,” I replied. “I really hate traveling.”

Bizarrely enough, it’s true. I didn’t feel stressed at all during my 3 minute and 43 second stint on The Today Show for the same reason I didn’t feel stressed about running a half-marathon. I’d trained hard, I […]

Today’s entry about yesterday’s Today

Thanks to the NBC tech monkeys, you can watch my appearance on The Today Show here. If you are a new reader, thanks for stopping by! You may like to read some of my best entries here and check out my product recommendations here if you’re looking for tools to start your weight loss journey.

Thank you to everyone who has left comments and sent me emails about my appearance! However, those of you who have complimented my hair and make up should redirect your accolades to Joel and Hair-Guy-Who’s-Name-I-Didn’t-Catch who made me look more fabulous than I shall ever look again.

I shall write more about my New York adventure soon, and, oh yeah, get back to blogging about health and fitness too. Just as soon as I take a long, long, nap.

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