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Radio alert – Definitely Not the Opera

It was so windy yesterday, I thought I might see Dorothy and Toto flying around outside my window on their way to Oz. One of the nice things about freelancing is that the most dangerous part of the commute between my bedroom and my office are two cats who try to trip me. Alas, I was out of cat food for one of those cats, so I had to go out into the cold and 30mph winds anyway.

I also had to drive downtown to the public radio station to tape a short interview for this week’s Definitely Not the Opera, a weekly show on Canadian Public Radio. I do not live in Canada, so I hadn’t heard of DNtO before, but I downloaded the podcast beforehand to get a sense of the program and I think I’m going to stay subscribed. Each week they take on a theme and collect stories and interviews with people related to that theme. This week the show is called “Peep Show,” and no, I’m not going to reveal some […]

A chat by the light of the fridge with Charlie Hills

Today I interview Charlie Hills of Back to the Fridge as part of his blog tour for his book Why Your Last Diet Failed You and How This Book Won’t Help You on Your Next One.

Where did the idea for “Back to the Fridge” come from? Is it because Marty McFly tries to order a Tab soda in “Back to the Future” and you recount in your book that you hate Tab soda?

Wow, that’s a connection I don’t think even James Burke could have made. Well, done! Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. To be honest, I initially wanted to call it “Tales from the Fridge” but that was already taken. Serves me right for not starting my blog back in 2002.

It actually turned out to be a good name, though. One thing I never saw coming was the shear number of movie references I make in my posts. I’d love to say I planned this all out to tie in with the movie allusion in the blog title, but then I’d be lying.

Early in the […]

“Half-Assed” book blog tour 2009

Today I’m happy to announce the start of my Blog Book Tour 2009. “Wait,” you might be asking yourself. “Didn’t you already do a blog book tour back in May?” Why yes, yes I did. However, the marketing people from the publishing company shot me an email a few weeks ago asking if I’d like to do another tour since so many people are looking for inspiration now that their new year’s resolutions to lose weight are beginning to lose steam. I said that was fine as long as I didn’t have to leave my apartment. (It’s been negative degrees outside lately without the wind chill.)

So, the lovely Eva helped put everything together and you can follow the tour below. If you haven’t already bought a copy of Half-Assed: A Weight-Loss Memoir, you’ll have several chances to win one at the stops below. Thank you to all the bloggers participating!

Monday, January 19 – MizFit Online (video)

Tuesday, January 20 – Morgan Gets Thin

Wednesday, January 21 – This Mama Cooks (Guest post)

Thursday, January 22 – John is […]

The amazing interview with DietGirl – Part Deux

There is a girl who blogged about losing half her weight and wrote a book about it – and she’s not me! As far as I know there are only two people on the planet who fit this description, me and Shauna Reid, aka DietGirl (although she’s not a diet). I interviewed her last year when her aptly titled book The Amazing Adventures of DietGirl was released in the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. I imported a copy for myself, but only received it after the interview, leaving a fair amount of questions unasked.

Now Americans have a chance to buy Shauna’s book without paying for .01% of a tank of jet fuel because it’s recently been released in the USA. Or you can read to the end of this entry for details on how to win a copy. I checked in with Shauna to see how things have been going since she became a published author and how she went from blog to book in the first place.


Each edition of your book has […]

What it’s like to be…

Steph from Manic Mommy interviewed me for the “What it’s like to be…” feature on BettyConfidential.com this week. You can read the interview here and register to win a free signed copy of my book Half-Assed: A Weight-Loss Memoir by leaving a health tip on this forum thread on their site.

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