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My left foot

Last Sunday my training schedule called for a 90-minute run. The weather was actually above freezing and there were no abominable snowman on the trail. My nose hairs did not form nasal popsicles when I walked outside.

So, of course, this is the week I injure my left foot.

Some days I might be happy to use an injury as an excuse to avoid a long run. Instead, I’d been looking forward to using a long run as an excuse to have a Coco Loco, a chocolate truffle surrounded by coconut cake and glazed with caramel. No 90-minute run for me. No Coco Loco either :(

It’s all been rather tragic. Last Wednesday it was 50 degrees out and I came home 90 minutes before sunset, leaving plenty of time to run on the trail without three layers of insulation. Only I couldn’t, because I’ve developed a sharp pain on the underside of my foot when I walk, not always, just sometimes when I distribute my weight in certain ways. I suspect it’s an overuse injury, a strained […]

Weighing in on September

There has been no 180 on my weight this month because I’m still weighing in at 180. This does not bother me since I’m glad I’ve been maintaining my loss. That’s 32 months straight with no significant gains. I also have to admit that for the past couple of months I’ve been in a maintenance frame of mind. Weight loss is nice, but now that I can buy bras in the stores (Yay, 36A!) and pants in the misses section (Double yay, size 12!), it doesn’t seem quite so urgent.

However, I also have to admit I don’t want to weigh more than 180 ever again. At the most I never want to pop back over 186, which was the point where I officially lost half my weight. If I get bigger than I am now it’s back to plus-sized jeans and ordering bras online. I’d like to have at least a 10 pound buffer area so I have time to correct course if I ever do start gaining back weight. Right now I don’t have […]

Weighing in on May

Last Saturday I weighed in at 187 and was glad I’d decided the week before to nix the weekly weigh-in entries in favor of round-ups at the beginning of each month. My weight has been all over the place in May, making me wonder if I should rename this blog every week. One week it’s “Half of Me” and the next week it’s “Over Half of Me” and then the week after that it’s “Almost Half of Me.” I practically needed rotating logos.

So I was looking at that number, wishing I was a dishonest person and could lie about my weight or perhaps “forget” to update my sidebar with the number. Then I thought about everything I’ve been saying lately about how I don’t care so much about my weight as I do about being fit and healthy and able to roll on my back and fling myself up to a standing position. I asked myself, “Self, do you really believe all that stuff?” And I realized that yes, I do really believe all that […]

You're browsing the "injury" archive: 
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