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The pajama question

I went to the Country Music Hall of Fame when I was in Nashville, because I was a tourist and it seemed like a tourist-y thing to do. There were some weird things there, like this taxidermy band made of squirrels that Hank Williams shot himself, which I definitely didn’t want:

And this oboe clarinet lamp, which I totally did want:

I wonder if you can blow through the light bulb socket and make it play?

Of all the items at the museum, the one that stuck with me was a pair of Hank Williams “cinnamon-orange silk pajamas.” I didn’t take a photo of them because…I didn’t. Sorry, live with it. First off, it seems odd to me to describe pajamas as cinnamon colored because it makes them sound edible. I’m 99% sure they were not edible. But secondly, it made me wonder, at what point do your pajamas become museum worthy? My pajamas—not currently museum worthy. However, if I were to put my pajamas in a vacuum-sealed container for the next 1000 years, I bet they […]

King Tut in Indianapolis (with narration by Harrison Ford!)

I had flashbacks to Ms. May’s world civ class as I walked through the touring King Tutankhamun exhibit at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum last week. I wasn’t overly fond of history class because it seemed like you were just learning a long list of facts. I preferred math class because once you learned a few techniques to solve problems, you just repeated them over and over to get the solutions. It seemed like less to learn, and figuring out the puzzle was fun. Ms. May’s class was different than the usual boring history calss because she told us stories about history, and stories are what we find captivating.

I was at the King Tut exhibit in Indianapolis because it was “blogger day” and I was offered a complimentary admission. Photography inside the exhibit is prohibited, so the only photos I can show you are the sign in the hallway (see above) and this shot of the door.

And this picture of an ancient Egyptian starfighter!

Oh, wait, that might be part of the Star Wars exhibit hanging in […]

My four year fativersary and a warning about scammers

It was exactly 4 years ago today that I stepped on a scale and then stepped on a treadmill and finally stepped into a new phase of my life. Happy fativersary to me!

I started out at 372 pounds, a number I would rather possess in foreign currency than write down on my weight chart. After over two and half years of work, I hit a low of 170.8 pounds (partially induced by stress I dared not blog about). That weight was a bit too low for me, since I still like to eat a donut now and then. Instead, I maintained a weight of 180 pounds for a good while, was happy with my size, and bopped happily down nature trails and treadmills as I trained for a half marathon and promoted my book.

Then after almost a year of unrelenting chronic pain, I entered another phase of my life which involved depression and compulsive eating, gaining back about 25 pounds. And quite frankly my dear, I didn’t give a damn, because I was so foregone.

Lately, […]

A history of cake

I have a lot of photos of myself sitting in front of cake. I noticed this when I dug out my mother’s photos albums and boxes of unsorted prints looking for a good “before” photo earlier this year. “No wonder I was so fat. I was always eating cake!” I thought. Then I realized that, no, I wasn’t always eating cake. We just always took pictures of me on my birthday, at which we always ate cake.

These pictures do provide a good timeline of how I’ve aged over the years, and what my taste in pastries was at the time. So today, I give you a history of cake.

Age: 10

Wearing a corduroy jumper made by mother. I was currently obsessed with headbands. Looks like we got out the fancy metal plates for the occasion! I love how my hands are encircling the cake, as if to say, “Mine, all mine!”

Age: 14

Wearing my marching band T-shirt and about to devour a Tazmanian Devil cake.

Age: 15

Wearing one of those long t-shirts we used to tie in a […]

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