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Tales from the trail: Am I hallucinating?

Near the end of my two-mile trail run, a woman in a black sports bra and black gym shorts ran past me. I ran another minute or two. Then a woman in a black sports bra and black gym shorts ran past me. Oh crap, I thought. Running in 86 degree weather and 53% humidity has given me heatstroke and I’m now hallucinating.

Then my brain kicked in and I realized I’d just run past a water fountain, which the woman probably stopped to drink at after she passed me, considering that is was 86 degrees with 53% humidity after all. Heatstroke averted, brain A-OK, if operating at slower levels.

It did make me momentarily wonder if an earlier moment during my run had also been a delusion. I wasn’t a quarter of a mile down the trail when a shirtless, barefoot man wearing nothing but ripped jeans and naked sex appeal walked straight across my path. He had shoulder-length, brown hair and 6-pack abs. I had to look around for video cameras to make sure I […]

You're browsing the "heatstroke" archive: 
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