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Is low-calorie food healthy food?

Yesterday’s review of the Hungry Girl book sparked an interesting discussion question – does low-calorie food equal healthy food? The answer seems to be sometimes yes and sometimes no. It reminds me of the logic class I had to take in college where we’d have to decipher statements like:

All sparrows are birds

Not all birds are sparrows.

Some sparrows are black.

If Lulu is a black bird, is she a sparrow?

Except this is a more complicated since not all low-calorie foods are healthy and not all healthy foods are low-calorie. How do I write an “if, then” statement for that?

One of the reasons it took me so long to start eating healthy is because I couldn’t figure out what “healthy” meant. What do you eat when you eat healthy? Rice cakes? Tofu? It’s even more confusing because you have to look at a person’s overall diet and not just a single choice they make for one meal. They might eat oatmeal for breakfast, but then chomp on fried onion rings laden in trans-fat for dinner. Or they […]

The dangers of healthy eating

Healthy eating is by definition supposed to be good for your health. I obviously didn’t get the memo. Earlier this month, I grated off a piece of my thumb while making latkes. This week, I cut myself horribly on . . .a box of Go Lean! Crunch.

Yes, eating cereal is now a health hazard. You heard it here first. I don’t know if the machine that assembles the cereal boxes was miscalibrated or they happened to sharpen their box cutting knives the day it was shipped, but the cardboard edge of my box cut into my pinkie as I was innocently pouring myself a sweet yet nutritious mix of seven whole grains. Think I have law suit material? I have now placed masking tape over the edge to avoid future incidents.

What’s next? Will I slip on a banana peel in the kitchen? Will my tongue get frozen to a no-sugar-added fudge pop? I fear to speculate.

In other news, I completely forgot my fat-iversary two days ago. As of January 15th I’ve been doing this healthy […]

Fast food or fasting

I was standing in a line four people deep at McDonalds, watching a fly buzz around the sweaty neck of the man in front of me, waiting to pay far too much money for a wilted Caesar salad, when I thought, “This is the stuff no one mentions when they say weight loss is hard.”

Fifteen minutes earlier I had been at my desk at work, feeling the beginnings of three o’clock hunger pangs, when I realized I hadn’t packed a snack in my lunch bag. Damn it! Why hadn’t I brought more cauliflower? There was no way I was going to make it another two hours to the end of the work day and then another 30 minutes driving home. I needed food. My easiest options were to grab a slice of yet another apple pie my coworkers had brought to work or to grab something from the vending machine, but I had vowed to stop sabotaging myself so I kept the lid on the pie and my quarters in my change purse. We don’t […]

You're browsing the "healthy eating" archive: 
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