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Beg the government for money on my behalf, will you?

Every year the National Institutes of Health gives money to researchers so they can put on their lab coats and mix up strange concoctions and cure us of all disease. (And genetically engineer unicorns, perhaps?) The Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy sent out an action alert today asking that people sign an easy-to-email form letter to their Congressional representatives which asks for more money for headache research. So, if you have the time and the inclination and currently live in the US, please go beg Congress for money on my behalf. Then maybe a researcher will get some cash which will allow them to run the experiments that one day will figure out what the fuck is wrong with my head. Thanks!

If you live outside the US, your concern is appreciated, however since you don’t get to vote here or pay taxes here, Congress doesn’t care what you think. You may as well write them and request research into how to make more pink dolphins.

You're browsing the "grants" archive: 
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