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New year, new goals, and a FREE gym pass!

I don’t have anything against New Year’s resolutions, but I don’t usually make them for the same reason I don’t celebrate “Love Your Body Day.” Every day should be “Love Your Body Day” and every day is a new year. Every day is the fulcrum of your life story. However, I do need to rededicate myself to this whole health and fitness game and since my timing coincides with the start of a new year, I guess we can call this a New Year’s resolution. It worked out rather well three years ago, didn’t it?

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m slipping out of my groove and I know that I need to do something about it now or regain 50 pounds. The former sounds much more appealing than the latter. I have a lot of sympathy for people who regain weight, but I do not want to be one of them. So, here’s my plan of attack:

PastaQueen’s Not-So-Secret Plan of Attack

1) Write down my goals. I need to know where I’m going or else how will I […]

Weighing in on November

November was so insane that I forgot to weigh in on it until six days into December. Oops! And what a wacky month it was. First I discovered the common cold was the secret to losing those last two hundred pounds. Then I discovered the stress of which I cannot speak was a good way to gain back five. Then there was Thanksgiving. The net result? In November I lost and then regained about ten pounds. I’ve never ridden a roller coaster like that without wearing a seatbelt.

During the time I was excreting half my bodily fluids out my nose, I went four days without exercising, the longest period of non-activity I’ve experienced since the days when I had to rock back and forth to heave myself off the couch. When I was stressed, I ate about three pints of ice cream, the most dairy I’ve eaten in a week since I was breastfeeding. I didn’t eat much for Thanksgiving dinner, but made up for it during dessert by devouring several helpings of […]

Two Years

In case you don’t read the comments, the blog was mentioned in the Wall Street Journal’s Blog Watch column yesterday. You have to have a subscription to read the whole column online, which I don’t. So I braved the cold Indianapolis winter and parallel parked for the first time in half a year to buy a copy from the bookstore downtown. Thanks, WSJ! Now that I am famous, I will need an entourage. Any volunteers? Sorry, I don’t offer health care. I’ll need some bling too, so my entourage’s first task will be to scour the local pawn shops for shiny rich stuff.

After two years of losing weight and blogging, I’ve lost 180 pounds and I got a nice mention in a national newspaper. What other things could I have achieved in two years?

I could have:

Gotten an associate’s degree in business, so when I take over the world I’ll also have a very nice marketing plan to pitch the cardiovascular benefits of trench digging.

At an episode a day, watched almost all of the 400 episodes […]


Today’s my two year fat-iversary. It was back on January 15, 2005, that I started losing weight for real after more false starts than a spooked horse at the Kentucky Derby. Strangely, I noticed I have the same fat-iversary as Diet Girl, but then decided that’s not so weird considering how many people go on diets in January.

When I started, I was hoping to reach goal in two years. We’re a bit behind on that. I might be dieting, but losing 200 pounds in 2 years was biting off more than I could chew. At the time two years seemed like forever and a day, so I couldn’t bring myself to set goal for any longer. Here’s a chart of my losses, the red line being the trajectory for hitting goal on time. Click on it for the bigger version:

Through April I was outpacing the red goal line, thinking this would be easy peasy. Then I started keeping pace with it, but by June of 2006 I’d crossed over to the other side of the […]

Weight: 192 – Pounds left to lose: 32

The secret to weight loss – chocolate covered cherries and snickerdoodles. You heard it here first. Oh, maybe all that running and bending my body like a pretzel helped too.

Two nights ago I dreamt I was fat again, complete with butt shelf. My butt used to stick out so far you could rest a set of Encyclopedia Britannica’s on it. I looked as fat as I had been when I weighed 300, but in the dream I knew I still weighed 195. I’d only hallucinated all the body changes over the past two years, like I was wrapped in a fairy glamour that had finally worn off. I looked at myself in the mirror to see that my clothes were wrinkled and ill-fitting. I don’t ever want to go back there. I don’t ever want those clothes to fit again.

You're browsing the "goals" archive: 
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