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Brita Faucet Mount and FilterForGood Giveaway

Two giveaways in less than a week! When it rains it pours. Speaking of water, I’m giving away three Brita faucet mounts and three water bottles, courtesy of Brita, FilterForGood, and The Biggest Loser. As the press release I copied and pasted from said, “Brita and FilterForGood are partnering with The Biggest Loser to eliminate bottled water from the ranch in efforts to help contestants reduce their waists and their waste. Bottled water waste has become a very real environmental concern, with more than 38 billion disposable bottles sent to U.S. landfills last year.” This sounded like a good cause, and I’m all for reducing waste, reducing waists, and distributing free water filters.

So, how do you enter my giveaway? I briefly considered making you post recipes again like I did with the chicken giveaway. Then I came to my senses and realized I didn’t want to read dozens of entries about the best way to make ice. Instead, post a comment stating what your favorite body of water is and why. This includes oceans, lakes, […]

Free chicken giveaway!

Bawk, bawk, bawk! I hope you’re not too chicken to enter my free chicken giveaway. Sorry, no, this isn’t the kind of chicken you can take home as a pet. Perdue has sent me two coupons each redeemable for a package of Perdue Perfect Portions Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts (maximum value $9.99, expires 3/31/08). So, if you were only interested in free chicken bones for use in your voodoo curses, this is not the contest for you. According to the coupon, these chicken breasts are sized to cook quickly & evenly and individually wrapped for easy storage. The website states that there are 6 breasts to a package, 140 calories each.

Perdue products are only available in the Midwest, South East and the East Coast, so keep that in mind. This giveaway’s only for US residents. Sorry, my international peeps, but the prize won’t do you any good anyway! If you want to enter, simply post your favorite chicken recipe in the comments. Healthy recipes are preferred of course, so instructions like “…and then coat the […]

Everlast winner and another contest

Congratulations to Kira, winner of the Everlast Giveaway! I have already notified Kira and sent her package off this morning. Thanks to everyone who entered. I really wish I had 166 track suits to send off to all of y’all, however my cloning beam is still in the experimental planning stages so I only had the one.

If you are still in the sweepstakes mood, Iateapie.net is running a What’s in your fridge contest where you can win a blender bottle. You’ll have to photograph the insides of your fridge to win though, so it might be best to remove the tomato covered in white and green mold even if the colors are Christmas-y.

Everlast Giveaway

I have more free stuff for you (if you wear a size S/P)! I feel like a modern day Robin Hood, taking items from marketing people and redistributing them to my blog readers. Everlast sent me their Energy Studio Jacket and Studio Pant which retail for $36.99 and $32.99 respectively, though the tags say $45.00 and $40.00. I guess they do that so you feel like you’re getting a deal?

They’re size S/P, which is my bad since I should have requested a larger size, but they are available in sizes small through x-large if you like the look of them. They’re made of a polyester and spandex blend that helps wick perspiration away from your skin. The pants have a pocket designed for holding an MP3 player. The jacket has two zip pockets too where you can stick your keys and cell phone. Tags are still attached and I promise I did not go running in them, so they still smell fresh and not like sweaty blogger.

If you want to enter to win these, just […]

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