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Viral video contest winner

Congratulations to Kelly, who has already been contacted and confirmed her acceptance of her prize as winner of the viral video contest prize package. She was lucky number 63 of 83 entries. Thank you to everyone who posted my video on their web sites. I almost feel dizzy from all that spinning.

ETA: Kelly now has a blog at Losing it! Check it out.


You can still win $25 at Amazon.com!

You’ve still got 4 days left to enter my Viral Video Contest and be entered to win a $25 gift certificate to Amazon.com, a Burt’s Bee’s gift basket, a free autographed book and a spaghetti scepter. (Do it for the spaghetti scepter.) Details are here.

Catch me in South Bend

I’ll be in South Bend, Indiana, holding court in the Barnes & Noble at 4601 Grape Road at 4pm on Saturday, June 28. I’m sold out of autographed copies on my book site, so this is one of the last times you’ll be able to score a signed copy unless you randomly bump into me on the street while carrying a copy.

Please spay and neuter your pets

It’s important to control the pet population…oh wait, sorry, this has nothing to do with me or weight loss. I’m just flashing back to the prime time edition of The Price is Right last night.

Lipton Tea bicycle giveaway

When my older brother was in elementary school, he came home one day and asked my mom for a dollar to buy a raffle ticket. This was the 80’s, so a dollar could buy you at least two gallons of gas back then. It was big money.

“Why do you need it?” she asked.

“I’m going to win a bike!” he told her.

The school was raffling off prizes as part of a fundraiser and my brother had his eye on the shiny, yellow, 10-speed bicycle. My mom gave him a dollar and prepared for the fallout when the young boy had a sudden lesson in probability outside of math class.

The next week he walked home with a shiny, yellow, 10-speed bicycle. Screw you, probability!

When Lipton Tea contacted me asking if I’d like to give away a bike on my web site as part of a promotion for their new Lipton’s White Teas, I thought of my brother and decided, “Yes, I would!” I try not to do too many corporate promotions around here since I consider this […]

Mirror, mirror on the dressing room wall

The dressing rooms at Target are surprisingly well lit. This is a surprisingly good thing because Target dressing rooms also feature two mirrors on opposite walls angled perfectly for me to check out my back muscles. When I used to stand in the Lane Bryant dressing rooms, I was grateful that the room seemed to be lit by the glow of an iPhone. I looked at my morbidly obese reflection in the same way I would view a car accident on the side of the road, not really wanting to look but staring anyway. Now here I was years later, in Target, trying on a sports bra, flexing my whatever-the-back-muscles-are-called for at least two minutes, thinking “Damn, I look good.”

It was a good reminder, because someone snuck into my apartment and switched my dumbbells with heavier ones. I know that eight-pounder was not that hard to lift last month. I’m sure neglecting my upper body weight routine has nothing to do with it at all. I’ve been distracted with my new YMCA classes and my […]

Giveaway results

When I asked you to post what your favorite body of water was for the Brita Giveaway, I was being rather flippant. I thought it was a goofy question to ask people, like “What’s your favorite South African mammal?” But – DAMN – you guys really knocked it out of the park. Your comments on water made my eyes wet. After reading all your entries I feel like I’ve taken a trip around the world, from Kenyan tidal pools populated by scorpion fish, to quarries where you were terrorized by catfish, to iced over lakes where you boot-skated as a child. You shared your happiest memories of living in Paris and Egypt and The Caribbean or just kicking around the creek as a kid.

As I’ve sat in my one bedroom apartment writing entries, my stat counter never made me realize that I’d had visitors from such beautiful foreign lands. Your posts made me realize beauty can be found anywhere, in oceans on the other side of the world or in the joy of splashing in […]

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